Sinfulness Brings Wretchedness

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful unto Me. Each day, put yourselves in the attitude of gratitude, because you are indeed blessed to be redeemed from the penalty of your sins. Not only do you have redemption through My Son Jesus; you also have the abundance of goodness that I give daily to the ones who serve Me in the attitude of gratitude.

Be aware this day that the attitude you take towards Me is important in how you view things in your lives. If you truly will see the abundance of mercies that I give, then you will be enabled to partake continually of the power that is found in and through Me. Those who are Mine are given the strength that only I can provide, and in the same they are uplifted and guided day after day.

Consider that you are in times of upheaval and confusion, and multitudes do not have what you have been given. When you will truly meditate on My goodness to you, then you will see that I give you exactly what you need in every circumstance and situation. Do not be as the foolish, who are so full of deceit that they are totally devoid of gratitude for the mercies that I give to them continually.

Those who choose the way of self will be full of their own importance and esteem themselves to be winners, when they are losers before Me. However, when you remain in the attitude of gratitude towards Me, you will not be impressed with your own importance. Rather, you will be impressed with the power of My presence and the mercies that I provide.

When My people put their efforts into being thankful, then are they being led forth by the plain path that I have ordained for them to walk in. They will not be arguing, nor contending with Me, for they will know and understand that in their obedience unto Me they find the life that I give.

Needless to say, those who are not heeding My commands are headed down the road of their own despair. Because of being wise in their own eyes, they refuse instruction, only to receive destruction. How dull and dumb such ones are before Me, for they are choosing that which is death above that which is life.

Be glad even now that you can continue to partake of Me time and again and know that I am the One who is indeed well able. It is not My intention that My people would live their lives in rebellion against My Holy Spirit’s guidance to them. It is My desire that My people would realize their utter need of such counsel and receive the same with gladness and thanksgiving.

Therefore, in these times when many are reprobate concerning the truth because they are feeding off of lies, be mindful to receive the truth with gladness and thanksgiving. When you hear the ones who are moaning and groaning over the truth, murmuring and complaining against the same, know that they want their way rather than My way.

Do not for one moment believe that you are intended for such stupidity and darkness; you are not. Reality is that you are intended to receive the truth, knowing that it is your necessary and sustaining bread day after day in this earthly journey. Those who are resenting and even refusing the truth are filled with the destruction of the bread of lies given by the devil and his demons. There is nothing to be found in the bread of lies except death.

Therefore, do not partake of the sweet deceits that the enemy forces offer to confuse My people and take them into the captivity of lies. In order to maintain your right standing in Me, continue to wage war against those malignant attitudes that the enemies would try to put upon you and in you.

Do not easily bow down and succumb to the lies of the liar and find yourselves devoured in the same. Instead, be knowing that through Me truth is available at all times. My Spirit is given to you to lead and guide you into all truth so that you do not succumb to the vanities of imagination that will take you into a ditch. Therefore, be glad even now that you are uplifted and guided daily by Me as the author and finisher of your faith.

Every day you hear of more and more tragedies and calamities that are besetting humanity. Consider how many of these things are the consequence of the refusal of people to repent of their sins. If they would only amend and change their ways, then My wrath, fury and indignation would be subdued, as I would give to them the many blessings that I have already in store for those who walk uprightly.

This day, be aware that men and women are not intended to live for themselves. I created them to live in Me and for Me, doing My will and not their own. It was through their choices against Me that they went into the wretchedness of sin and continued in the activities of the same. Of course, as the generations passed, sin increased and grew beyond all reasonable boundaries, as people rejected restraints.

So it is in these times. People have rejected the restraints that I send to keep them from self-destruction. Giving themselves continually to the wanton and wild lusts of their flesh, they are goaded onward into greater sinfulness and the accompanying wretchedness of the same.

Many times, you’ll hear the braggarts who are attempting to put on the masquerade of how delightful their lives of sin are. Do not believe them, for they are liars wanting to deceive. Leave them to their own choices of deception, and know of a surety that they will not know the blessedness they could have had in Me!