Army of Death Messengers

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Pray most earnestly for an increase in deliverance for those who are in captivity. There are endless multitudes in these times who are in captivity to the spirits of darkness and are held in the slave chains of sin. I hear the cries of those who are steeped in sin yet are crying out within themselves to be set free. Such ones as these are the captives who desire to be freed from the demonic powers that hold them in slavery.

Do not think that I the Living God am pleased when I see them so bound. Rather, I am grieved because those claiming to be My people have failed to declare the truth with boldness. Instead, they have sought only to keep themselves and to live in the blessings that they can get by naming the name of My Son.

They are not true and authentic in their declaration of My kingdom. Therefore, there are no signs following their declarations of My kingdom, such as deliverance. Know that ones such as these will be accountable before Me, for they are false messengers. Those who are living in the love of self are fearful and wanting only to keep their own lives.

Because of their refusals to risk anything for My kingdom and the declaration of My Son, the captives remain in chains. Know that I will hold such ones as these accountable for their lack of dedication unto Me. I am not mocked, and there are many in these times who are literally mocking Me. They are making a show of religion, yet they are denying the power of the same. In such misrepresentation of Me, they are mockers.

Do not believe the ones who see themselves as something that they are not, for they are full of the wretchedness of their fearfulness. That is, they are fearful of many things, and especially for their own lives. They love themselves more than Me, and will continue to do so. Because they have made a show and a proud display, they are hollow and empty of My true and authentic power.

Pride is a blinding force, and when men and women give way to the same, it becomes their master. They are forced to bow at the throne of pride and have forgotten the clarity of bowing unto Me and releasing their lives to Me. I see how much harm they do to others through their proud self-assurance that they are perfect when they are not. While they point the finger at others and live comfortably, they themselves are guilty of the same hypocrisy as the religious leaders of old.

Please keep yourselves in humility and see how much you really are in need of Me. I do not find pleasure in the religious pretenders whose hearts are far from Me. These ones are desperately in need of repentance and deliverance from the demon powers of religion that hold them in captivity. Such have become more and more popular as the people of these times are full of display with very little substance.

I desire My true people to live the life that is indicative of the truth and the light that My Son has given to all who will wholeheartedly believe. Inasmuch as He is the pattern Son, consider that He did not seek to keep His life and live only for Himself. No, He gave Himself even to the extent of death on the cross because He was true to Me and loved Me as His Father.

The love that Jesus displayed towards the captives was manifest as He walked among them and reached out to them in their desperation and need. He did not separate Himself from the multitudes as did the priesthood. Jesus showed forth the compassion that is the manifestation of My kingdom. He rebuked and refuted the lying leaders, yet in doing so, He left them the opportunity to repent.

Of course, they refused such because they believed in their own invincible greatness and righteousness. He was hated by the priesthood, the lawyers and the scribes because He came preaching with signs following. None of the religious leaders had any signs following them which manifested the power of My kingdom.

Therefore, they were highly jealous and envious of My Son, and they sought to put Him to death because of the realness He demonstrated in His ministry to the multitudes. Those who hated My Son were full of the demonic infestation and delusion. While they moved according to their own understanding, their hearts were cold as stone towards Me.

Those who set themselves up as religious experts are basically declaring themselves to be superior in their knowledge and understanding. Yet these ones do not know Me, because they will not yield themselves unto My Spirit to be directed and corrected by the same.

Be alerted to the fact that these pretenders are actually motivated as murderers of souls. Because of their hypocritical pretensions, they are doing as they please, never consulting or seeking Me. As Jesus declared, they are whited sepulchers full of dead men’s bones. They are literally children of the devil and therefore bring forth destruction and death.

I do not intend that you would become death messengers, but rather remain as living epistles because you keep Me as Master and Lord. Do not be as those who declare they love Me, yet distance themselves from My people because they think they are better than they are. Such ones as these are captives themselves as they are headed towards the prison houses of religion.