Jesus Calls to All

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful for My love, for the same is beyond the scope of human love. It is Me the Living God who offers mercy to those who will come into the same and believe upon My Son Jesus. When any comes to Jesus, I have expectations for them. However, not all continue to follow Him, for many turn back to the very prison houses they were once the captives of.

I do not call you to be in captivity; I call you to come forth rejoicing in the multitude of mercies that I give to those who choose to follow on in the steps of Jesus, My Son. Therefore, be loving Me in return by living your lives for My purposes, which are eternal. Do not be deceived by the deceitfulness of the times you are living in and turn back to the former lifestyle.

Because I have called you to be Mine, that call remains, and I desire you to fulfill the same. However, most believe that they can do as they please, when they please, and somehow they get by. Believe Me, they do not get by, for they are the ones who suffer if they choose to live for themselves rather than Me.

When people are living for self, they are living for their own worst enemy. The same takes them down lower and lower into the abyss of destruction, and they will find themselves under ruination because of their choices. Although they may appear to have things all together, they do not, for they are full of the foolishness of their own choices and the darkness of their carnal minds.

Do not be trusting your own carnal mind, for the same will lead you to separation from Me and the new life that I have for you. Repeatedly in the history of My people, when they listened to the true prophets and obeyed My dictates, they prospered in Me. When they chose to follow their own minds, they were weakened and overwhelmed by the heathen. Do not choose to follow your own mind. I give to you the mind of My Spirit so that you can walk by the same and be kept ever alert and alive.

As you can see with your own eyes, My wrath is being rained down on those who have chosen to serve the iniquity of their own ways. In so doing, they are taken down the course that proves to be utterly destructive and causes them many troubles. Continuing as they do in their own determination, they will find many difficulties. Such troubles will be the consequence of the choices they have made against Me.

When people are choosing according to the stubbornness of their own understanding, they are choosing the way that seems right to them. This is because they are shutting out the light and partaking of the darkness.

Be thankful this day that I am the One who intends for you to have the abundance of light, life and love that I give to you each day. I am the resource, the Alpha and the Omega, the One who gives you exactly what you have need of in order to finish the course that is set before you.

Those who turn back from My way and return to the former lifestyles are fools. They reject light in favor of darkness, and they choose death over life. These ones will have no excuses when they stand before Me, for they have done those things that are abomination and will prove to be their own destruction and damnation. When they attempt to accuse Me, their own choices will be their condemnation, for they will find no justification that is acceptable unto Me.

As you are walking uprightly before Me, then are you given exactly what you have need of to be made into the image and likeness of My Son. There are those who claim that My way is too hard and that they cannot live the life. However, this is because they are believing the lies of the liar and are not believing Me. I do not find pleasure in such ones because their hearts are far from Me. The reality is that they are spiritually lazy and full of self-love and self-idolatry.

Inasmuch as you are called to remain ever alert and active for Me, know that I give you every day all that you need to be kept in My way and brought forth in the truth. Therefore, do not allow your carnal minds to lead you far from Me. Instead, be thankful to receive the mind of My Spirit and to walk uprightly in Me, for I am the One you are meant to please. You will find that the rewards of right standing will be given to you time and again.

There are many who choose to follow the standards of the world then claim they are following Me. They are not, for the course that they are on is of the devil. You well know that no one can serve two masters then be true to them both. This remains always true because all who have made their choices for death will die not only naturally but spiritually.

How many there are who will stand before Me in the presence of light and truth and see the utter wretchedness of the lies they have accepted. I do not want you to be in fellowship with them, for they truly are contaminated because they want the lies they have chosen.

Consider that when Jesus calls to all, that call remains for them to either accept or reject. Those who are rejecting are the ones who are determining hell as their future abode. Those who accept My mercies and obey are coming forth in the newness of life here and are preparing for heaven as their eternal abode.

Have the blessed assurance of eternity with Me by continuing in the way that is set before you with gladness and rejoicing each day.