Vile Generations Are Hell Bound

I speak unto you this day and I would advise you: Do not let anger and disappointment rule you. When you have labored long, and then you see how quickly people turn from Me, do not allow yourselves to be in anger and frustration over the same, because what you experience with them is no new thing. I have experienced the same with humankind even from the beginning, I have been saddened and hurt repeatedly.

However, I am not stopped by the antics of those who turn back from Me, for they are the ones who pay for their infidelity towards Me. I find no pleasure in them as they flit from one sin to another, all the while justifying their wicked behavior and imagining that somehow, they are still with Me. Believe Me, they are not with Me, for their sins have separated them from Me and taken them down into the place of lies and liars.

Regarding such ones, I find no pleasure whatsoever in them, for their hearts are hardened by the very sins that they are guilty of. Repeatedly, they go from sin to sin and tell themselves that those sins are not really sin at all. Their eyes grow dim and dimmer, because they are choosing sin above Me.

Stop and consider that you are not called to spiritual blindness; you are called to live and abide in the light. When you are abiding in the light, then you are able to perceive and receive the truth and walk in the same. You are living in dark days when multitudes want to stay in the very darkness they are in, for there they believe that their sins are hidden. However, the same is not true at all, for the sins that they commit will always be evident to Me.

Whenever My Holy Spirit is grieved, I know for a certainty that such ones have given themselves over to transgression and infidelity towards Me. Why do men and women choose to go in the way of transgressors? It is because they desire their sins above the righteousness that is found in Me and the way that I provide for them to walk in.

Know that truthfully, I have seen the pattern repeated, that those who want to sin will sin, and those who want to live and walk uprightly will stay true to Me. Therefore, in these times when spiritual adultery is as common as the dust, do not be surprised when you see My wrath revealed in the justice that only I can render unto humankind.

The warnings that I am sending in the fires, the floods, the parades of perversity and insanity, the calamities that are never ending, are signs to the wicked, sinning, and dying generations who are hell bound in their vileness.

Needless to say, the majority will pay no heed to the very destruction that is taking place around and before them, for they are too centered upon themselves and their own ways. I do not intend for them to behave in such a way, yet they choose the same. Of course, evil and vile persons rule over them because that is what they have brought down upon themselves by their failures to accept My rule.

With all of these things made evident, allow My Spirit to examine your hearts daily and see if there is anything lurking that is destructive towards your relationship with Me. Do not by any means hold to that which is darkness and iniquity, for you are not intended to walk in the same, nor partake of the corruption that is in the world.

Give thanks and praise to Me even this day that I the Living God am well able to uphold you and strengthen you in the way that is My righteousness and mercy given day by day. As you keep steady in your relationship to Me, you will see that vengeance belongs to Me and I am well able to punish the ones who are estranged by their transgressions and criminality towards Me.

While the world is busy judging people according to unrighteousness and pressures to fill quotas, I the Living God do see the deeds and the plots of all humankind, and I judge accordingly. It is wisdom to trust yourselves completely unto Me, for I alone am the Just One. Those who have brought forth injustice in the name of justice will be judged accordingly by Me, and woe shall be their cup.

Realize that I am Sovereign and reign supreme over all human powers as well as demonic powers. Therefore, don’t walk in the fear of them, for they do not establish your eternal destiny and abode. That belongs to Me, and I want you to be with Me and not under the clutches of fear as they are. My desire is for My people to be strong in their courage because they realize that it is Me that they serve.

When you see the fearful who want to remain in their fearful habitats, leave them there if they refuse to have faith in Me as their God, for they prefer to live in the way of fearfulness rather than the hopefulness that I intend for all who truly serve Me. Be glad even today that you can look to Me above the darkness that is more than evident, and know that I am who I say that I am. I do not lie to My people, nor do I lead them into the ditch of despair.

This day, refuse to be in the clutches of fearfulness, depression and hopelessness. Look to Me, for I am the author and the finisher of your faith, and I will uplift you as you desire Me to do so. Know that you can trust in Me and be brought forth rejoicing.

Likewise, when you see the trembling and terrified fools who have chosen to walk afar off from Me, do not partake of their fantasies, for there is no safety except in Me, for I am the One who will keep the ones who turn to Me and remain abiding in Me.