Eating at the Trough of Death Brings Damnation

I speak to those who will listen and obey Me, because I want them to be kept in these times of My wrath being revealed. I do not delight when those who claim they are Mine have gone after that which is unclean and eaten of the same. When you see the ones who are eating of the unclean, know they are causing their own sickness and disease, both physically and spiritually.

In these times, multitudes are sick and diseased because of eating of the unclean, the wicked, and the bitter bread of the devil and his demons. Clearly, people have lost the ability to discern between good and evil, so they are partaking of the very things that will cause them to suffer greatly and then bring them to premature death.

It is not My intention that men and women would end in such a demise. It is My intention that they would live long and bear much fruit upon the earth for My kingdom. However, as you can see, the enemies are reaping in death, for they sow seeds of sin into the multitudes who do not resist the temptation to sin. The majority are more willing to yield to sin and the consequences of the same than to resist sin and walk in My righteous standards.

If it is Me that you desire to follow, you will find that I give you the strength to do so day by day. Even though you may at times feel hopeless and helpless, do not let the same cover you and crush you down. I do not intend that My people would be crushed; I intend that My people would be ever uplifted and guided forth by My Holy Spirit.

There are things on this earth that will appear to be very enticing as they are beckoning to you to follow. However, such things are not of Me. These are the sources of wickedness and the very enticements of death and damnation.

Why should you be taken in the folly of fools and by the same depart from the standard that serves to keep you in life? Learn to turn the deaf ear to those things that are in opposition to Me. Choose to listen to the voice of My Spirit. Make it your practice to not give in to the devilish and deadly suggestions of the wicked.

As My people, be thankful to be kept in the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life with Me. Of course, there are two choices that face humanity day by day, and as they choose, they either win or lose. There is no reason to be a loser and an accuser. There is every reason to walk in the blessedness of hope that will spring up within you as you follow after Me as Lord and Master.

You are living in times when wretchedness and despair are constant companions of those who are riddled by sickness and disease. These ones are in essence the by-products of sick societies and cultures, which serve to shape them into the wretchedness they exist in.

Realize that it has never been My intention for people to live in wretchedness and misery all of their lives upon this earth. It is My desire that people would be in cooperation with Me, and live in the way that I provide and rejoice each day in Me. When you see how utterly blinded men and women have become in their miseries, know that the majority prefer their misery to the healing that is offered to them through Me.

Be glad that daily you can live in the hopefulness that I will give to you as you believe in Me. There is no reason to eat of that which will cause you to vomit repeatedly, for the same is poison. Consider that those who are purposely eating of poison are doing so with no regard or respect for the gift of life they have been given.

Do not partake of poison then expect to be ever alive and alert. Those who are eating of the poisonous and deadly things will inevitably be made sick by the same. Some will die because of the amount of poison they have ingested.

Know that I do not feed My people the bread of deceit and delusion. I give to My people the very bread that is living. When you eat of the living bread, you are given strength and encouragement through the same. Why not partake daily of that which I will give to you and be made strong in Me?

When you are living and abiding in My presence, then you are able to endure and be brought forth through conditions and situations that are very ugly. Do not center on these conditions but realize that I am the hope of My people. As you are steadily trusting in Me, there is nothing that is impossible for Me. Do not be subjecting yourselves to the madness of the maniacs who would entice you to join up with them in their foolishness.

Of course, fools are beaten with many stripes and still they return to wallow in the mire and to find pleasure in the forbidden. However, reality is that hell is full of fools, and daily, more are cast into the chambers of hell. Fools will choose the poisonous, the sickening, the perverse and the wicked ways that will lead them to death and damnation. Sad to say, the vast majority of them will stubbornly sin and continue to choose death above life.

When you see the death of those who have chosen such, do not be shocked or feel false compassion. Realize that daily, people are given the choice to live or the choice to die. When you are constantly choosing life, I give you the same in abundance. When any is choosing death, then of course they know misery day by day, until they die and know even greater miseries. Those who choose Me will live in the abundance of mercies I give.