Hard-Hearted Fools Bring Injustice

I speak to you this day and I say: Be aware of the injustices that are done every day by those whose hearts are full of hardness. Such ones as these have become a law unto themselves and are full of their own ways. However, the time comes when it is Me the Living God who will bring them down and they will be no more.

Fools they are, for they imagine they remain invincible, which is not true. It is Me the Living God who will totally devastate and destroy them, as it is My desire and decision to bring them to the justice they deserve. Do not look at the end of the evildoers and feel false compassion towards them.

Know that My ways are just and that My decisions are made according to righteousness and justice. Therefore, do not be shocked at the measures that come against the wicked for all of the wickedness they have done to others, especially those who are Mine.

I do not forget the cries of the righteous who look to Me day and night as the One they trust. When the cup of the wicked is full, then I pour out My wrath, fury and indignation against them. Although they may cry out, they have waited too long, and they cannot truly humble themselves unto Me because their hearts have grown too hard.

It is true that there are some who push themselves over the brink of no-return, for they are so calloused and determined to render evil for good and destroy the righteous. Remember, however, that it is Me the Living God who daily watches for My people and hears their cries. Therefore, such ones as would delight to see My people destroyed will themselves be destroyed.

Over and over, the same cycle is repeated in the generations of the damned. Because they are convinced of their own ways, they will stop at nothing to bring such forth. They repeatedly will seek to do away with the ones who are living in righteousness and calling for repentance.

Those who are in right standing with Me convict others by their choices and the lifestyles they adhere unto. Those who are dead set against repentance will despise the righteous to the extent that they are murderous towards them.

When My Son Jesus came declaring the truth unto the religious hypocrites, they desired to see Him dead. Their plots and schemes against Him knew no end. They saw that He lived the life I intended for men and women to live and advocate. Therefore, they were determined to find a means to put Him to death and be totally justified in their evil schemes by the law.

However, they themselves never kept the very law they used against Jesus. They likewise lorded the law over the common people they were meant to rule with compassion and not the cruelty they used. I never intended for them to be in such rule, but they chose the same because they basically had turned aside from the truth and served lies. Therefore, they were doing the deeds of the devil and indulging themselves in hatred and bitter railings against My Son.

How dumb they were, because He came offering unto them the opportunity to repent and turn away from the bitterness they were living in. However, because they had become cruel in their self-righteousness, they sought to put Him to death, thereby shutting out the truth.

These religious hypocrites wanted merely to rule and lord over My people and keep them in the bondage of religion. They did not want My people to have any relationship with Me. This is because they wanted to maintain their own power over the multitudes by keeping them locked into religious shackles.

So it was, that because they were so far from Me, they literally enjoyed their evil deeds and refused to repent of the same. Such spirits are holding men and women in captivity even now. That is, the ones who are steeped in religious pride are bound and determined that they are right. However, they are not right; they are wrong before Me.

I do not intend for them to go forth in the stupidity of their own understanding, yet they do, because in their own eyes they cannot do wrong. This is because they love the chains of pride and contempt for Me that hold them. They do not desire to be free from the darkness they are in.

It is Me the Living God who looks down on the words and the deeds of all humanity. The ones who are proclaiming they love Me yet are so right in their own eyes are full of hypocrisy and injustices towards others. These will not repent, nor will they see what they really are. This is because they are lovers of the deceits and transgressions they live in daily.

When you see that I bring such ones to ruination, consider how many lives they have ruined in their unjust rule. Know of a surety that when you see My hand of justice against the proud, murderous hypocrites, the same is brought forth in answer to the cries and pleas of those who are suffering under the unjust rule.

Do not mourn the death of the wicked, for when such die, they go to hell as they so justly deserve. I do not want you to be in false mourning for them, for to do so makes you a hypocrite before Me. You are not intended to play the hypocritical pretender’s role. You are intended to keep your hearts right before Me and to walk in the way that I intend.

Be thankful this day that you can live in Me as you are being kept in these times of great injustices by lying leaders.