Sanity and Sanity Greatly Deteriorated

I speak unto you this day and I say: It is Me the Living God who has dominion over the nations. While men and women imagine themselves to be in power, they are not. This is because their hearts have strayed far from Me, and they have gone a whoring after delusion and confusion. That is, they no longer care to walk according to the dictates that I have given that people would live in sanity and safety.

Because of pride and the drunkenness of the same, the leaders of nations have become blinded and sure that their domains of power will last forever. However, they will not, for they are full of the wretchedness of wickedness, and by the same they are proven to be fools.

It is Me the Living God who abhors evil, and if evildoers refuse to repent, then I abhor them likewise. I do not create men and women for evil; they make their choices for the same. This is in the sense that they give themselves over to demonic spirits who take the control of them.

I do not find any pleasure in those who are purposely choosing to rebel against Me as their Maker. So it is that I am set against those who are rebellious. Know they will not have part in My eternal kingdom, because their hearts are so hard.

When nations have known Me, then they choose to worship other gods and serve other masters, know that they are serving lies and by the same they will be proven to be fools. The cup of woe is for such nations as have turned from Me. Therefore, do not think it strange that I render unto them their just rewards, for they make a mockery of My standard and choose to adhere to the perversity of wickedness. I definitely do not intend for them to be going in such ways of ugliness and opposition to righteousness.

You are living in a time when the nations who have forgotten Me have the sorrow of continual confusion. This is because of their blatant choices to run after darkness and shun the light. I find no pleasure in them, for they are full of the doings of demons and are literally proud of their iniquities. Such nations as have known Me and departed are proven to be more wicked than the heathen in their blinded state.

Purposed rebellion brings forth sin multiplied, and those who are embedded in sin cause their generations to suffer as the consequence of their sins. When this is happening, it brings reproach on the nations because they are so centered on the misconceptions and lies of demons.

These nations see themselves as invincible, yet it is only too obvious that My blessedness has departed from them. Consequently, they are the recipients of many troubles because they are purposely choosing in opposition to Me as their Maker.

Why do nations purposely choose to oppose Me as their Creator? It is because of their proud imaginations and the lust for power. These things take them far from Me and into the emptiness and desolation of their choices.

Of course, you will see the countless internal problems that overwhelm and overtake the peoples and nations who have departed from Me. Yet such nations go on and on, believing themselves to be able to rule the entire world because they are so great.

Do not be deceived by the extreme deceptions of pride that drive men to gross and horrid acts of violence resulting in death to multitudes. Pride will cause those who are in power to be very determined to do away with any and all who differ in their opinions. Because they cannot bear to let there be differing views, they think they must have complete control even of the thoughts of those over whom they have power.

They are blinded and failing to realize that it is Me the Living God who has control over the nations and that I can bring them down as it pleases Me. Because of that, they go headlong into the course of destruction that is awaiting them. However, they do not only affect themselves, but others are contaminated by their madness and stupidity.

I do not call you to be stupid, nor do I call you to live in the dullness of self-idolatry. Those who are in opposition to Me are choosing death and damnation to their souls. Over and over, it is proven that they will be shown to be absolute fools who are entwined with evil intentions.

When nations have gone a whoring, they will likewise be shown up to be cursed by Me. Their sins will be shown, and their folly made evident. No longer will they have the stability of safety and sanity that I provide. Therefore, realize that as My people, you are meant to be the citizens of My kingdom, which is far above the kingdoms of this world.

Do not accept the coverings of wickedness even though they will try to put the same over you as they imagine they have control. Remember that I have the total dominion over nations, and I am able to bring them to the ruination they are so determined to receive. This is all evidenced by their deeds of wickedness and iniquity.

Be thankful that you can still look to Me and obey the commands of My Holy Spirit and be kept in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation when the nation has gone after death rather than life. Be thankful even now that you are able to walk uprightly and receive the truth.

Be glad to keep yourselves in Me, for My purposes are ever present and My mercies are abundant. Do not allow the enemies to convince you that they rule. They do not, for I have the complete dominion over the earthly powers.