Do Not Be Defenders of the Damned

I look upon humanity and I truly desire them to live in Me and to keep the standard of righteousness that I have given for My people. It has always been My desire that people would abandon their false gods, which are the result of spiritual adultery. When such gods are destroyed and commitments are made to Me, then those who have done so are expected to keep their hearts with Me.

Know that I am jealous over those who are Mine, and I want them to serve Me in fidelity, not returning to idols. Be thankful this day that you have been given the opportunity to serve Me with thanksgiving because I bear rule over you. I do not bear rule over My people with cruelty but rather with mercy. It is a pleasure unto Me to show forth the many blessings I have for the faithful whose hope is in Me.

Do not allow yourselves to be easily disturbed and taken far from Me by adhering to the madness of these days. When you see things turned upside down, do not use the same as an excuse to sin or back up on the standard of righteousness. When things are in confusion and chaos, hide yourselves in Me. This means that you realize that the safety and sanity are found in Me.

Very often, when people are thrown off balance, they go to the extreme. This is because they have had to face the unexpected and unwanted ordeals of life on this earth. I do not intend that under such disturbance and distress My people will turn aside from Me and abandon all that I have intended for them. No, it is My intention that My people would cleave all the more to Me as their Rock of refuge and refuse to be destroyed.

As you look upon those who have given up hope because of outside and inside pressures in their lives, speak forth words of encouragement to them. Do this to stir them to return to their first love in Me. However, if they repeatedly refuse to return to Me, then leave them in the wallow of their own ways. It is indeed a tragic thing to see how utterly distanced My people are from Me and to know that this distancing is caused by their sins.

How deadly and destructive sin really is, for once it grabs hold, many will not turn from the same. This is because the tentacles of sin are so deeply embedded into the very fiber of their beings, for they have sinned not only in the fleshly realm, but also in the spiritual realm. They have literally added sin unto sin, until their transgressions have no end.

I do not find pleasure in those who give way to the baseness of degradation and fling themselves headlong into the abyss that is ever before them. I make available the opportunity to repent and return to right standing with Me. Therefore, there is none who has justifiable excuse to go in the way of the damned. This I tell you because the enemy forces convince multitudes that they will go to heaven no matter how they have lived here on earth.

Do not think for one moment that you are obligated to offer false compassion to such misled and misguided souls. No, you are to declare to them the truth, then let them choose who and what it is that they will follow after. If they choose My way, then encourage them in the same. If they choose the way of transgressors, then know that their way will be hard. At that point, you are to shake the dust of their lives from yourselves and move onward in Me.

When you have given true witness, then you are not accountable for the results. Whether people and nations will hear and obey the call to repent and return to My way, or go in the way of the damned, know that your own hands are clean before Me.

I do not expect you to offer false compassion to those who bring the misery of their choices down upon themselves. Be forewarned that you can lock into being the defender of those whose choices are for sin. When you do that, then you take issue with Me and choose such ones over Me. That puts you in the category of the rebellious.

Therefore, be aware that by keeping bad company you can easily be corrupted and likewise distanced from Me. It is not My intention that you would allow carnal relations to interfere in your relationship with Me. My Son made it clear, and the standard remains, that you are not to love anyone above Me and allow them to usurp My place in your lives. When you have made commitments to Me, you are expected to keep those commitments and to walk uprightly in the same.

Do not be found as a defender of the damned who have made their choice for damnation and refused the way of salvation. Those ones as have made such a decision will bear the consequence of the same, both here and now and in the life to come. Therefore, do not “jump into their caskets” with them. Turn away from such fools.

Thank Me even this day that you are given the light upon your path. So, you do not need to wander far from Me and go in the way that is darkness. I do not withhold any good thing from those who will walk uprightly as they keep their vows and commitments unto Me. It remains My intention to have a true people even in the midst of an adulterous generation when multitudes have gone a whoring from Me.

The ones who will remain true to Me, keeping their hopes stayed on Me, will see that I am likewise faithful in My provision and protection for them. Do not be giving yourselves to the drama of departing from Me. Stay safe and sane in Me as your only God.