The Army of Insane

I speak unto you this day and I say: In every circumstance and situation, it is Me the Living God who is observing the same. When you truly consider how infinite My sight is, do not ever think that people get by with their sins. They do not. Repeatedly, I see the sins of those who are opposing Me, and I find them to be utterly disgusting in their pride and contempt towards Me as the Creator of all life.

I do not find it becoming when rebellion is considered social justice and perversion is exalted as superior. I am daily grieved by the sins of humanity, and I desire for people to repent of the sins that they so boldly or secretly commit.

More and more, you will see “the army of insane” wandering throughout the land. These ones are the offspring of rebellious and perverse generations whereby men and women have become a law unto themselves.

I do not intend for humanity to be sunk down in the mire that they are in. However, by their own choices, they put themselves into the quicksand of sin and they are sucked deeper and deeper into the same. They are made more and more wretched, until many end up in the army of insane who are aimless, hopeless, and driven mad by multiplied demon powers.

Actually, it is a tragic thing to behold this army of insane people who know nothing more than misery and vexation day after day. I do not intend for people to be found in such conditions, yet they are. This is because the nations have gone mad and are no longer even paying heed to the commandments that I gave to men to walk by.

Because of the full-scale rebellion against Me that has been and is still transpiring, multitudes are covered in rebellious demons. Not all start out to purposely be rebellious, yet they give way to the forces that obscure their vision, and they center only upon themselves. The more they believe they should have everything the way they want it, the more vexed they become.

Consider how many are driven literally insane because they do not get what they want, when they want it. Because they give way to the tantrums of anger, they are likewise taken farther and farther from reality.

Driven by demons, they turn to frustration, vexation, anger, rage and violence, either towards themselves or others. Essentially, they prove themselves to be eligible candidates for the army of insane who wander in the emptiness and meaningless existence of craziness.

Many, while still able to think somewhat clearly, will remark of the growing numbers of the army of insane, without considering what took such ones in the course that they are on. To put it quite simply, these crazies are the result of the craziness of the nations and their leaders, who have departed from Me. Does not My Word declare woe to the ones who have chosen to walk afar off from Me?

When nations that once had My commandments as their foundation have thrown out those commandments, then chaos is the result. When you see the absolute insanity of these times, know that the same is induced by the behavior of those who should be cooperating with Me rather than demon powers. Yet, because the leaders are short-sighted and self-centered, the choices they make and the way that they guide is into the ditch of despair and depression.

I do not want people to follow the pathway of fools. Nor do I desire them to be driven mad by the many voices that will speak to those who lend their ears to such voices. Rather, My desire is that men, women and children would be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude and knowing that I give them sanity and safety.

If people would choose My way, then they would have their eyes opened to behold the folly of fools. Those following Me would see that those who are in the way of insane fools end in the ditch by their blind leaders’ guidance. I do not find pleasure in the debauched and defiled conditions that men, women and children are living in.

Yet, because of rebellion against Me, there are multitudes who end in such a state of being by the choices they make and the ways they choose in order to have “what they want.” What they are failing to realize is that what they want is merely the ploy of the devil to lead them out of My covering.

Do not behave as spoiled children and allow your carnality to grow bitter and hateful towards Me and the ones who love you. When you are doing that, you are setting yourselves up as likely candidates for the army of insane. While you might think it could never happen to you, if you are perverse and stubborn, of course you can be driven mad.

How many are so in love with themselves that they cannot love anyone or anything else? Consequently, they are most miserable because they are locked into the prison houses of self-love and self-idolatry.

Believe not your own mind, for the same hates My way. Rather believe in the mind of My Spirit. The mind of My Spirit will lead you in the way of sanity and safety in times of confusion, insanity and chaos. Be aware, when you catch a glimpse of the army of insane, that they are the visible manifestation of what becomes of people when nations abandon My way.

They are the habitation of demons, and their behavior is erratic and unpredictable because of rebellion against Me. It is stupidity to rebel against Me and be overwhelmed, overtaken, and drafted into the army of insane.