Lying Leaders Boast in Themselves

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I say: Keep on trusting in Me, for I alone am your Maker and your God. When you are staying steady in your confidence in Me, then you will not be easily intimidated, nor made anxious by the attacks of the wicked against you. Likewise, you will be constantly confessing My goodness because you are conscious of the same.

As you give thanks and praise unto Me, so are you uplifted in the joy of My presence, because I inhabit the praises of My people. You are not left to find your own way, for it is Me the Living God who gives to you the straight and narrow way. As you are following the directives of My Spirit, you do not end in a ditch. Rather, you are continually uplifted in the realms of My Spirit, then you are made aware of how I always give to you exactly what you need.

Through trusting in Me, you are given the blessed assurance that I alone am able to provide to the ones whose hope is steadily upon Me. So many in these times are trusting in the gods of falsehood and lies, being taken far from Me because they are believing the liars and their lies. Guard with diligence what I have done for you and continue to do for you as you keep confident in Me day by day. There are many who are estranged from Me because of the lying messengers they receive and listen to.

Know that you are responsible for the blessedness you have received through salvation in Jesus Christ. That means you are not to just take My blessings and feed yourselves, forgetting those who are perishing and starving. Rather, be glad each day that the way that you are being led is the way of life, light and love.

Do not put your trust in the ungodly, for their eyes are not yet opened and of course, they are the blind leading the blind. Needless to say, they will end in a ditch because they are blinded fools. Be thankful each day that it is Me you can trust and believe in. Most assuredly, I do not leave you to flounder and go in the way of fools.

My Holy Spirit receives orders from Me pertaining to you. He then orders you in the direction that I have pointed out to Him. Repeatedly, your carnal mind will not agree. However, as you obey, then you receive the rewards that are given to the ones who are obedient to the Holy Spirit commands.

Those who are proud and high-minded will scoff and scorn the path of humility because they are poisoned by pride. My Son Jesus did not scorn and scoff the humility pathway; He walked in the same. He did not demand the biggest, the best, and the most. No, He gave thanks and praise to Me as His Father and followed My desire and not His own.

Consequently, He was willing to contend for the truth, against the liars who were simply making gain of My people. These lying leaders did not watch for the souls of those they ruled. Jesus, through the words He spoke and the miracles He performed, showed that He was greater than the fools who did their own thing and verbally exalted themselves without power.

Do not choose drunkenness as the “way to go,” for the same will prove to be deadly. In these times, there are many forms of drunkenness, which is intoxication. Look upon the ones consumed of pride. Of course, their perceptions are as those who are full of themselves, for they are overestimating their own worth before Me.

Be glad this day that I love you more than you realize, and that I will always make sure that you are covered and protected by My love. It is a privilege to be loved by Me and to be knowing the wondrous miracles that I perform daily. If you look at those who are trusting in their various idols, they are always disappointed and disillusioned by what they have trusted.

When you trust in Me, you do not need to be left to flounder, nor do you need to be left to wander. There are entire armies, of young and old alike, who are needlessly wandering throughout the land. Yes, they are going in the way of the foolish who choose their own destruction. So many have yielded to the depressing spirits of the age waiting to pounce on and devour the ones who actually trust in the lies and the liars.

Whatever you do, choose to follow Me as your God. As you continue steadfast in the obedient way, there is no good withheld from you. I don’t intend for your lives to be disturbed and disrupted by the demonic forces. Because My intentions towards you are goodness and mercy, know that when cruelty and corruption have come your way, it is not the end of the world.

There are multitudes who pause in the wrong places, and because of such, the enemy forces destroy their lives by eroding the trust they’ve had in Me. It is not a difficult thing for men and women to adhere to the truth if they are wanting to please Me. Opposing Me opens the door to demon spirits and the commands of the devil.

Yes, it is true that the devil is as a roaring lion, seeking for those he can devour. You are not meant to be devoured by the hungry lions who roam continually about. It is intended that as My people, you are given the clear light upon your path and the protection that accompanies the same.

Therefore, keep on adhering unto Me, for I do care for you and desire you to be ever brought forth. When it is Me that you are confidently trusting in, you will see over and over that I am with you in every circumstance.