Damned by Orders from Headquarters

I speak unto you this day and I encourage you to keep steady in your relationship with Me. It is Me the Living God you are intended to serve, and it is Me the Living God who rewards you for the same. When My people are steadfast in their commitments unto Me, then are they found well pleasing in My sight.

I find no pleasure in those who are wavering between two kingdoms, for such are unstable and cannot be completely depended upon. This is because they have estranged themselves from Me and given themselves to the lies of the liar. I do not call you to such a weak and enfeebled state of being, nor does My Spirit lead you to other gods. When any chooses in opposition to Me, they choose according to their own desires, not Mine.

To tell you the truth, I am saddened with the condition that men and women are in. So many have chosen the ways of the damned without regard for what they are doing. That is to say, they have grown careless and slothful regarding their lives, and have no interest in pleasing Me. Such ones as these are not well pleasing unto Me, and I am greatly annoyed with their disrespect and disregard for Me.

Thank Me this day that it is Me you are privileged to serve with gladness and rejoicing, for I am ever present to give to you the blessedness that I have stored for the obedient. It gives Me pleasure when My people are desiring to please Me and are not centered on themselves. It is Me the Living God who has goodness intended for My people. It is My pleasure to show forth and to give many blessings to those who receive the same with thanksgiving.

Those who have chosen the ways of the damned are not the recipients of My mercies; they are the recipients of My wrath, fury and indignation. This is because they are in the way that is in opposition to Me, and in such, they are taken in the course of their own despair. Their lives are the manifestation of Operation Devastation because of their careless choices against Me. Do not take in their spirits, for the same will cause you to be weak and weary.

In these times, it is Me the Living God who is showing how sorely displeased I am with the wiles of the wicked. They are receiving the full measure of My wrath because they are deserving of the same. Over and over, they choose that which is disgusting and repulsive in My sight. They have no shame and will always shift the blame upon the righteous. Repeatedly, such ones as these have sought to bring My people to ruination, devastation and death.

Because they are proud and defiant, they have appointed themselves as judges over My people and plotted to destroy them. These wicked ones are deserving of every tragedy that befalls them, and even more. They have caused much sorrow to the ones who are Mine, and I do not forget their wickedness, nor do I give them mercy.

Therefore, do not give way to false compassion when you see the intensity of My wrath displayed upon such as are full of wickedness and rebellion. Know that I see the hardness, rebellion, and hatred for Me that they live in continually. Because they are full of wickedness and plot evil all the day long, they despise the ones who are living in right standing before Me.

In all of their evil doings, they want only what increases them and satisfies their desire for the destruction of those who are upright. Of course, such ones as these are the emissaries of the devil and they are full of demonic input. They receive their orders from the headquarters of the devil, and they follow the same. Never do they stop and consider that they are headed to damnation, or if they do, they simply believe that they will be able to continue in their debauched lifestyles with no retribution for the same.

In these times, you are going to see greater miracles of My wrath revealed, and this is because I am angry with the wicked every day. When the evildoers are spread out in proud and defiant array, believing they remain forever, they are inviting My fury upon them. Do not be pitying them, for they are deserving of all that I levy against them. Be glad that vengeance belongs to Me. I show forth the same unto those who are so determined to do the deeds of evil and are proud of such wickedness.

The days ahead will hold many manifestations of both My mercy and My wrath. Those who are steeped in their own righteousness and are full of the deceit of the same will not be left to do as they please, when they please. Instead, they will be facing the fury of My indignation and the burning fury of My anger towards them. Do not be shocked at what I do, for I am just in the same, and none has the right to accuse Me.

When you will truly see the evil and wickedness of these times, how ugly the same is! Repeatedly, men, women and children are warned, all to no avail, for they are bent on their own destruction and damnation. The days of innocence are no more. Multitudes perish daily, and this is because they are blindly looking forward to hell!

Thank Me this day that you are given My standard to live by and do not have to be reduced to the debauched and disgusting behavior of the damned. Be glad that you can serve Me in the attitude of gratitude. Be trusting that I am the One who rules you in mercy and righteousness.