Wisdom of the World Is Foolishness

I speak to all who have an ear to hear this day, and I say: Cleave unto Me, for I am your Maker. Those of you who know Me, testify to those who don’t know My Son Jesus as their Savior and Lord. While the wicked of the world want to “shut Me out,” let the truth be openly declared throughout the earth. Rejoice as the Word of redemption goes forth to all who will hear and repent by confession of their sins to Jesus and believe upon Him.

This is not the time for My people to wither and die because they are fearful of the “powers that be.” Rather, this is the time for My people to proudly and openly declare that Jesus is Lord and He is the King of Kings, which means in essence that He is higher than all earthly powers and well able to redeem His own out of their troubles.

Let the attitude of gratitude shape your lives, in the sense that you give praise, honor, and glory unto Me as the One who is well able. As you are adhering unto Me, so are you enabled to continue steadfast in the way of eternal life. Know that in these times of tribulation and turbulence I will keep you in safety and in balance. You are not meant to be tossed about by the waves of the wicked that are sweeping over the earth’s inhabitants.

It is only by Me that My people are kept and brought forth. By My power, they are delivered from the clutches of the evil ones, who are emissaries of the devil and his demons. Throughout the history of My people, it has been proven and shown that it was Me the Living God who delivered them repeatedly from the oppressors and brought them forth rejoicing.

Realize that I am the merciful God, and those who are subject to Me will know mercy again and again. However, those who have chosen to believe in the gods of emptiness do not experience My mercies. This is because the gods they serve are nothing more than dumb idols and incapable to giving anything to those who serve them. Therefore, the ones who worship idols are left in emptiness and sorrow.

Thank Me this day that you are shown My mercies repeatedly as you adhere to Me and walk in My dictates. Do not be quick to accept the world’s wisdom in any given situation, for the wisdom of the world is foolishness. Be quick to seek My wisdom so that you are guided by My Spirit in the way of godly counsel. The wisdom that is given through Me is far superior to the wisdom that the world purports.

Realize that the world and all that it stands for are built on shifting sands. One day, it all shifts, and things are thrown into confusion and delusion more than they were before. Those who are looking to and listening to the counsel of the world are literally looking for deception and destruction.

Consider the many trials and tests that you have already been through, then give thanks to Me for My mercies extended to you. It does My people good to take the time to give Me thanks and praise and accept the infinite goodness that I provide. What I give to all who believe upon My Son Jesus is freely given in abundance. Who else can give people forgiveness, compassion, understanding, wisdom and guidance?

Thank Me this day that I am the One you look to in trust and hope. As you keep steady and stayed upon Me, you are not left empty or desolate. No, you are uplifted in the newness of life, the way that is intended and provided for all who are believers in Me. When you consider the endless mercies that are extended to you, there is no reason to complain.

Do not be purposing yourselves for any other god or any other way, for such ways lead only to death and damnation. The devil and his demons are ever present to deceive and destroy. Therefore, do not think it strange that you undergo great tribulations in these times, as the enemy forces want to see you dead and destroyed.

I do not call you to be subject to their desires of destruction. As My people, My intentions for you are goodness and mercy all the days of your lives upon this earth. Then, I have prepared a place for you in the everlasting abode of the redeemed.

Keep your eyes upon My purpose and daily adhere to the same. Do not take in the confusion and delusion that are so common in these times of adversity, perversity and diversity. So many do not know who they are, nor do they know where they are headed. They are driven insane by the multitude of demonic spirits that are besetting and destroying human lives and souls daily.

More and more, you will see evidenced the insanity of humanity without Me as the anchor of their lives. Continue to call upon Me, to declare Me, and to adhere to Me. Do not look to the world. Instead, keep your vision steadily upon Me, for I am the One who has given to you the Holy Spirit to guide you each and every day.

Therefore, continue to give Me thanks and praise as you serve Me with gladness, for I am the One who bears merciful rule over you. Know that the way that is found in and through Me will be everlasting long after the kingdoms of men and women have crumbled and lay in the rubble of ruination.

It is by My infinite mercies that you are given the hope, the truth, and the peace that I provide. Be glad even now that you are purposed for life, and in Me you will have mercy and rejoice to be alive. The multitudes are living in fear, dreading to face another day. You can rejoice in confidence because I am the One who keeps you.