Rise of Insanity

I speak unto you this day and I say: Serve not many masters, for when you do, you are a grief to Me. As My people, I desire you to be faithful and true to Me as the One who bears rule over you. In these times, there are many masters who are appointed by the devil to bear rule over the multitudes. Such rule is born of destruction, and the purpose of the same is to kill, steal and destroy.

I do not call you to partake of that which is ugly and grossly deceptive. I call you to partake of that which is beautiful, because My way is the way beautiful, and when you are walking in the same, so are you ever directed in the truth of who I am. When you see that men and women are taking advantage of you and wanting to see you devastated, know that such ones are absolutely sent by the devil.

Do not be surprised at the darkness that is throughout the earth at this time, for the wicked bear rule with cruelty. Those who are full of demonic powers, yet believe that they are rulers over My people, are deceived. This deception is because they are conceived of the liar and believe his lies.

There is none who bears rule over My true ones except Me. Therefore, do not bow down to the fear that such ones rule by. It is Me the Living God who bears rule over My people and desires them to look to Me in every circumstance and situation.

Do not be thinking that I have departed from My people when the oppressors are ruling in cruelty. I do not leave nor forsake the ones who are Mine. It is Me who has given to them the Holy Spirit to dwell with them and give them exactly what they need in every situation.

Be glad that it is Me that you are serving. When you see the absolute confusion and delusion that is everywhere, realize that multitudes have taken to death rather than life. Upon seeing the ones who are eating of the things of death, realize that many of them prefer to do so because they are short-sighted, dull and dumb. They have given themselves over to be ruled by many masters and are confused and deluded by the same.

Do not eat of the table of demons then expect to have clarity in your relationship with Me. Eat of the goodness that I give to you, and know that in the same is strength, safety and sanity. You can see those who are insane because they have been fed by many masters. Such is a sad sight. This is because they are ruled by demon powers and taken into captivity by the demons. They literally cannot think straight, as their thoughts are a jumbled mess and full of contradiction.

Be thankful even this day that it is Me the Living God who is well able to keep you in the sanity that I provide. My Spirit does not lead My people into confusion and delusion. My Spirit leads people forth by a plain path and directs them in the way that I intend and provide. Thank Me this day that you can be guided in clarity and kept in sanity.

I declare it unto you this day, so remember: The rise of insanity will be evidenced more and more. As the demon powers manifest and show themselves through lost humanity, do not be surprised at how many there are who are totally incapable of independent thinking. This is because those spirits have put chains around their bodies and clamps around their heads. They are as people in harnesses, unable to think in any way but confusion.

Be glad even this day that you are being led by My Holy Spirit, which will lead and guide you into all truth. You do not have to live under lies and be subject to the liars, in the sense that you believe them. There is no reason to be ensnared if you resist the temptations to subjectivity that the enemies hurl at you day after day. Realize that you are given sanity and clarity, which are sweet blessings from Me.

Ruination is the inevitable that comes to those who are in subjectivity to demonic powers and are walking in confusion of mind and deed. While men and women who are drunk on pride imagine that they are invincible, they are not, for they will come to utter and complete ruination and find themselves desolate and desperate because they are full of deception.

Those who are My people are kept even when the enemy forces think they have brought them down and totally destroyed them. Consider that My people are resurrected time and again, for it is Me who brings them back up and shows that I am able. None is more powerful than I, and those who imagine they are deceive themselves by believing in lies above the truth.

Know that repeatedly, the workers of iniquity will be shocked, because I am the God who does miracles, and they cannot stop Me. Therefore, do not be fretful, nor fearful at their threats and intimidating tactics. It is Me who keeps you every day as I show you that I am the One who rules in mercy.

Do not be lured from the way that is Mine, for the ways of deception will cause you delusion and death. Then you face hell in the end because you walked in that which the enemies of My purpose led you into. Know that when any stands before Me, they are responsible for the choices they have made, the actions and reactions they have given themselves unto.

Be thankful that you can serve Me as your Master and Lord and be kept in the ark of safety that I provide. You are kept from the filthy waters of death and destruction, uplifted in the salvation mercies I give to My own.