The Way of Jesus

I speak unto you this day and I say: Let love reign, which means that you accept My way among yourselves. It is not My intention that My people would backbite and devour one another. It is My intention that My people would love My way and choose it above the ways of the world.

In these times, there are many ways that men go, all to their own destruction, because those ways do not come of Me, nor do I guide them in the same. As they are choosing such ways, they go down into the cesspool of sin and are separated from Me.

I do not call you to be separated from Me; I desire you to walk in Me and be guided by My Spirit. Do not be quick to bow to the ways of the world, for they are the ways of destruction and death. Know that the ones who are choosing iniquity and darkness are choosing the very course of damnation.

It is foolishness to drift through life not preparing for eternity. Endless multitudes will busy themselves with the here-and-now life, not knowing when the same will be over. As they do, they give no regard to where they will end. This is short-sighted and dumb, because there is life after death, and that life will be in either heaven or hell.

Be thankful this day that you can live in My love and partake of My life. I want you to understand how important that is for you to achieve and receive the rewards of the righteous. It is not intended that you would be overwhelmed by the cares of this life. It is intended that you would keep your eyes on My purpose and plan for you.

Don’t be overly concerned with those things that are so distanced from Me; be concerned that your life is upright before Me. Do not be stingy towards Me, for I am abundant towards you, and I desire that you please Me by giving Me thanks and praise each day. Multitudes go after the vain things of life, all to end destitute in the end. When offered the opportunity to give to Me of themselves, they find excuses and justifications to pursue vanity.

When My Son came to earth, did not He know the ones who would beg off and not follow Him? This is why He made it clear that the requirements were not easy, nor would they be adjusted for those who did not want to pursue His call to all.

The way of Jesus is the call to forsake all that is meaningful in this life in order to gain what is meaningful in the life to come, which means essentially that to follow Him and walk in His steps is more important than any other thing a person could choose in the earthly life. He wanted His people to choose the way of eternal life and to put that choice above all others in this life.

Many people are content to live their lives doing as they please, never realizing that their lives are essentially meaningless without Me. Consider that human life is like the grass that grows up, then withers and dies, and the residue is blown in the wind. Likewise, it is like the flowers that come up, bloom, and then fade away.

Let your lives matter in the sense that they are lived for Me. There are endless causes that come and go, yet they are not important at all in the scheme of eternity. This is because the emphasis is all on the here and now, without regard to the hereafter. Know of a surety that that is not My plan nor intention for people. It is My intention that My people would be concerned with where they will spend eternity.

In this time of disrespect and dishonor towards Me, multitudes feel that the things of God should belong only to those who are the ministers. This stems from spiritual laziness and religious tradition. It is My intention and calling that all of those who profess they believe in My Son Jesus would follow Him, which means that they do not deviate from My way because of factors relating to personal desires and ambitions.

Yet, there are multitudes who live in absolute separation from Me. This is because they have left their spiritual lives unattended. You are not called to such self-centered existence that takes you far from Me. You are called to be living the God-centered life that I have for you.

Therefore, be doers of My Word, not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. When you are covered in worldliness, you will desire to go in the ways of the world and shun My way. In the same, you will shun those who are more dedicated to Me, because their presence is convicting.

Do not stop loving Me, nor loving My people. Love is the way that is intended for believers in this sin-sick world. If you choose in opposition to My way for whatever reason you imagine, you are choosing death above life. Why choose to live your lives in vain and to be damned in the end? Consider each day that you are meant to live for Me and to fulfill My desire for you.

Your own carnal minds can imagine all kinds of ways you are meant to go, and they are all centered on self. However, as you center on Me, you will be guided in the way that is My intention for you. Thank Me this day that I give to you all that you need in order to be kept.

Do not cast off the way of life, love and light for the darkness of the world. The end of worldliness is death and damnation, because the world is destined to destruction. Be thankful to walk in My way and know that the same is eternal and everlasting.