Fear Is Beastly and Devouring

I speak to you this day and I say: Let your minds as well as your hearts be stayed upon Me, for I alone am your Rock of refuge, and when you stay steadfast in Me, so are you kept in the times of great turbulence and violence. Shockwaves are felt throughout the earth. However, you are kept.

As you daily hear the stories of these times, realize that fear is lurking to overwhelm and overtake any and all who will lend their ears, minds and hearts to the same. I have not called you to the many fears that beset the heathen. You are called to faith and confidence in Me, for I am your Maker, your Keeper, your Protector.

Daily, the mediums of fear spew out the terrifying fears that are sent to torment those who are under the spell of the same. Do not believe their forecasts, for the same are delusion and confusion. When the monster of fear is in control, people know no peace.

Do not allow yourselves to be spellbound by such fears as are holding many in captivity. Refuse to become a captive of the many terrors of fear. Know that there are literally monstrous dragon spirits of fear that are ever present and have been welcomed by many.

When the time comes, many of these seemingly innocent characters become tormentors to those who had considered them to be friendly and fun. Remember, the devil is the master of deceit. Of course, he will stop at nothing to bring all under the crippling, cruel control of fear.

Be thankful this day that you are not kept in such bondage. You are released from the same by believing in My Son Jesus and walking in the guidance of My Holy Spirit. Multitudes think that to live in the grips of constant and continual fear is the “way of the day.” This is one more deceitful delusion being offered by the devil and his demons.

You are not intended to be in the bondage of fear; you are intended to live in the freedom of faith. When your faith is in Me rather than the ungodly circumstances of this age, so are you kept in perfect peace. I have never intended for My people to be tied to the terrifying tirades of fear that are ever being delivered to the populace. I have intended that My people would know the wondrous miracles that I give to those who believe and keep on trusting and hoping in Me.

Thank Me this day that I keep you as you keep yourselves in Me. Do not speak false words of confidence in Me while you allow your minds and your hearts to be gripped by fear. Realize that you are meant to keep your hearts and minds in the attitude of gratitude that comes about as you are trusting Me daily. When it is Me that you have your confidence in, then you are able to rejoice despite the circumstances that are all around.

Do not be afraid in these days of adversity when the wicked have mounted up in a full-scale attack against the righteous. When you really consider how omnipresent I am, then are you enabled to be guided forth by a plain path. I do not leave you nor forsake you, as I am always with you. My Holy Spirit is indwelling your lives to guide you each day in the way that I have for you.

Know that you are not alone but you are kept day by day. As you are free from the bondage of fear, you are enabled to ascend in Me as your Creator, your Father. No earthly loving father will abandon his children in the times of adversity. This is all the more true with Me as your Heavenly Father.

I will not abandon you to the troubles of these times. Rather, I will show forth again and again that I am your Rock of refuge, the One you can rely upon. I am your high tower of strength and safety, and no matter what storms or battles are raging, you can run into Me and you are kept.

Therefore, realize that you are made strong in adversity, for the pain of the same will drive you to make gains in your faith in Me. When things are against you because you are My people, that is not the time to yield to fear. Instead, know that you are meant to keep your minds and your hearts steady in Me and see the miracles that I do for you.

Be glad even this day that you are not taken in the way of the torments and terrors that continually rule the fearful. Thank Me that you can remain faithful and ever present in trust and confidence in Me. When your hope is in Me, you will never be made ashamed.

Each time you feel fear attacking you, refuse the same. Put up the shield of faith against the fiery arrows that want to infect you with unbelief, doubt, dread, and raging fear. Why should you be afraid when you have every weapon to overcome the enemies of fear?

Do not be lazy about using the weapons that I have entrusted to you. Use the same for not only yourselves, but in behalf of other believers. There are many believers who are wavering under the onslaught of fear that is over the world. Fear is beastly and devouring. Do not wander after fear, nor partake of the same, for My love is ever present to drive out fear if you will call upon that love which is superior to all earthly powers.

Be not found among the fearful, eating of their rotted and poisonous pottage. Be with the faithful who are not ashamed to be fully identified with My Son and are in the fellowship of His sufferings. Know that the true will receive their crowns of glory and be counted worthy to reign with Him by their faith.