The Wicked End in Ruination and Devastation

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not sow discord one with another. Rather be sowing peace with Me and with those who likewise believe in Me and know that I am the Almighty. I have not called My people to be as the world’s people, continually at war one with another. No, I have called My people to be at peace with one another and going forward in the way that I have intended for them.

When you look at how ugly the ungodly world is at this time, know that you should not imitate them, for they are full of corruption. Instead, be imitating Me, for I am the One who gives to you the wisdom to walk uprightly before Me. I never intended for My people to be “world gazers,” perpetually looking to the world and having envy for the same.

Realize that those who are loving the world are not loving Me in any way whatsoever. They are loving darkness, iniquity, and the foolery that comes of walking afar off from Me. Those who are in fellowship and friendship with the world have chosen darkness rather than light. As My true ones, let your fellowship be with Me and fellow believers.

Many of those who claim they love Me are giving themselves daily to the values of the world rather than adhering to My standard of righteousness. Such as these are drifting farther and farther from Me, while all the time defending the ways of the world above My way. Those who are in such a condition have been blinded by the god of this world.

Do not go in the way that is darkness and be overwhelmed by that darkness; rather choose to walk in the way that I provide. Be made glad that it is Me that you can serve with rejoicing, for I give you light, life and love.

I do not call you to be determined to have your way; I call you to walk in My way. It is the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life. As you come forth in the light, so do you see how important it is to cleave unto Me and walk in the way that I give. There are endless deceptions that are present in these times, and the same will take you far from Me. There is no reason to be deceived; there is every reason to walk in the Truth that is found in and through Me.

Know of a surety that the spirits of antichrist are present and abundant in these times. Because multitudes are despising Me and having bitter hatred for My way, more and more darkness is coming over the land. Those who are in rule are determined to have their way, no matter who they have to crush to achieve what they want.

When you see such a display of ugly ambition and selfishness, know that you are not called to behave in like manner. This means that I am showing you through them how repulsive it is when people are determined that their way is right and all other ways are wrong. Such ways are not right; they are wrong. Yet, they are pushed by proud, egoistic ambition to have what they want, no matter who must be crushed to achieve their goals.

My intention for My people is that they would understand how much I desire them to walk in humility, for pride is murderous! Selfish ambition is the work of pride. As My people, you are meant to be humbling yourselves to Me and seeking for My directions and corrections.

Do not seek to prove that you are right. Seek Me, and you will see that I will guide you forth in My righteousness through My Holy Spirit’s directions and instructions unto you. Be thankful this day that it is Me who vindicates you and shows you the hope of who I am.

When the wicked are in rule, the people tremble. That is because of how murderous and hateful the wicked are. I do not intend you to live in the fear of men; I intend you to fear and honor Me. Therefore, when you hear the wicked making their proud boasts and declaring they will rule forever, know they are blinded by pride.

There have been many proud nations and empires that I have brought down because of their arrogance and determination to have their agendas at any and all costs. Do not think that the evil remain forever, for they do not. The heaps of rubble being discovered and uncovered that were once “great powers” show plainly what I think of the proud. I have literally caused many to be swallowed up by the earth or destroyed by the waters that have washed them away. Still others have been totally destroyed through wars, famines, pestilence, fire, and internal turmoil.

The workers of iniquity do not get better; they only grow increasingly more proud and rebellious against anything that remains of My righteousness. This is because they are filling up their cup. They will receive My wrath upon them as all of their evil plots will collapse in heaps of ruination and devastation. Then, for all of their proud and arrogant boasting, they end in the agonies of hell, never able to escape the same.

Therefore, do not be fearful of what men can do to you. They cannot and will not prevail against My people. My kingdom is eternal and far above the evils that are present on earth. Be thankful that it is Me who is your Master, your King, and your Maker. Daily recognize Me as your Creator, the very One who gives you life both here and hereafter.

Serve Me in the attitude of gratitude, and do not be subject to the devilish dictates of those destined to hell. Leave them to be mocked by their own proud words!