Pride Perverts Perceptions and Births Deceptions

I speak unto you this day and I would remind you how important it is that My people honor Me in all that they do. Inasmuch as you are living in times of disrespect and dishonor towards Me, do not fall into the mode that so many are in. They are concentrated upon worldliness and are displaying the rudeness and crudeness of these times.

When you consider how “advanced” the populace imagine they are with all of their technical trinkets, convinced of their own superiority, yet having greatly regressed in terms of morality and respect and honor towards Me, because of their independence from Me by their so-called advancements, their imagination is that they remain a law unto themselves.

How foolish are those who imagine that they do not need Me, nor will they bend the knee to Me. This is because they have been consumed by the rubbish they feed of daily and believe to be true. Truth as it really is comes of Me. It is through the mouths of My true prophets that the same is proclaimed even in these times.

Know that I the Living God do not feed My people on repeated violence, bloodshed, murder, and all of the accompaniments of the same. When people are full of criminality and disrespect towards Me, they are likewise murderous towards the truth and the ones who are proclaiming the same. Because they choose to go in the way of the damned, they do not want anyone to tell them any different. Why is this? It is because they are lovers of self and haters of Me.

I do not call you to keep company with God haters, for they are inwardly full of poison and darkness. The same takes them down the road that leads to their own destruction. They try in this life to take as many with them as they can because of the hardness of their hearts towards Me. Such as these will use every imaginable advancement to promote themselves and their own agendas and determinations.

Never once do such ones consult with Me or godly men and women who could give them sound advice. Because they believe in themselves, they do not want to be in subjectivity to Me as their Creator. Literally, by their actions, they deny that I am. However, that does not do away with Me, for I remain as the One True God in all generations.

As My people, realize how precious it is that you know Me as God and that you are not bowing to the false gods of the heathen. In perspective, these gods are nothing more than vexation and shall end as garbage and rubble because they are not real. That which is brought forth by the craftsmanship and technology of human inventions cannot have a soul, nor a spirit.

Therefore, it is stupidity when people choose to honor and worship such things. They spend their lives in oblation to the very things that can give them nothing in return. This includes the “god of self,” the ruling deity of this age. Know that pride is the mother of invention and the god of self. Likewise, pride is murderous towards the truth.

Consider the outright violence that is being displayed in these times and how often it culminates in bloodshed and murder. Know that the instigator of such behaviors is pride. People have become exceedingly proud, high-minded and arrogant in these times. Because of such, they are despising all that is good and righteous. They seek only for degradation and debauchery as they wallow themselves in the same.

Pride is as drunkenness, in the respect that it alters greatly the perceptions and behaviors of those who are under its control. You are not meant to be controlled by pride, for it is abomination before Me. There are those who have grown so perverted in pride that they decide who and what they are, in complete defiance. They are rebels against what I created them to be, and are convinced that they can have the same changed to please themselves.

How ugly these ones are before Me! I find them thoroughly disgusting as they display their “choices” to any and everyone that they can. Glistening with the false shine of pride, they strut, boast, and exhibit themselves as the opportunity arises. However, when they are in their miseries, depressions, sorrows and despair, they hide themselves and cry out to emptiness.

Know that the end of such sins is death and always will be. I do not condone the behaviors and attitudes of this age. As such are increasing, so is My wrath being brought forth in greater degree upon those who have come under the reprobate mind. Be thankful today that you are not ruled by the reprobate mind. It is My Holy Spirit Mind that bears rule over you in clarity and directs you in the humility way I intend.

It is My desire and intention that My people would be ever subject to Me as their Maker, their God. Likewise, I do require that My people keep themselves free of the contamination that leads to damnation, and that they give honor unto Me. When you stop and consider that I have created you for My own intention, do not give way to the crafty inventions of this age. Be alert and alive, and when My Spirit commands you, obey the same.

As you serve Me in the attitude of gratitude, you are enabled to see that I reveal Myself to you in greater glories as you are honoring Me. Be glad that you are serving Me and are not drunk nor deceived by pride. Remain in the sober mind of truth, and walk in righteousness, not drunkenness!