Destined to Be Damned

I speak unto you this day and I declare that I am angry with the wicked every day. While they pursue their deeds of wickedness, they are a vexation to Me. I do not find pleasure in the wicked, nor do I close My eye to their iniquities and their plots against My true people.

Therefore, know that when I the Living God do rise up in anger against them, it is because they have chosen the way that brings My wrath upon them. Just as many will declare that they are born a certain way, so do the wicked believe that they are destined in their devilish lives and actions. In one measure they are right, for they are destined to be damned.

While they continue to live their degraded lives as though there is no tomorrow, know that the day of their death comes. When such occurs, they will find themselves before Me and condemned for their criminality against Me and My people. I do not allow them to go unpunished, for they are given the measure of a full cup of My wrath.

Therefore, keep confident in Me, for I am your Maker, and I am the One who uplifts you and guides you forth day by day. It is indeed a good thing to be able to partake of My goodness and do those things that are pleasing unto Me. Be glad even now that you are not bound in the dull and dumb mentality of those who worship idols and look to them as their answer.

There is no “answer” to be found in idols, for the same are dead. How can that which is dead and lifeless respond to the pleas and cries of those who are living? Such idols are not moved by the cries of those who are believing in them, because they are not living. When people are looking unto any other god or goddess, they are looking to be deceived.

I do not call you to deception; I call you to believe, trust, and hope in Me, for I alone am the living God. Know that My power, presence and protection are always, for I am the I AM God. All other gods are deception and the work of wicked, demonically inspired men, women and children. They see apparitions and claim that the same are true. However, they are seeing delusional visions and spreading the deceptions of the same.

Do not listen to such nonsensical talk. Such false appearances are of the devil. He can transform himself and his demons into any manner of masquerade. This is done to deceive and lead those who do not try such spirits, into the trap that has been laid for their souls. Realize that those who choose to believe in the messengers of deception want to be deceived. This is because they are choosing to go after the vanity and darkness of such ways. Then they are taken in the throes of lies, because their deeds are evil.

You are called to follow My Spirit and be led in the power and glory of the same. Many have chosen deceptions and are damned in the same. Realize that to choose false gods is wickedness before Me. Those who cling to deceptions while refusing the truth are fools. Hell is full of fools who have desired wickedness in all of its forms. They are the ones who have loved the dumbness of their folly.

Know that those who are in the intensity of hellfire are there because they loved darkness, while despising the light that I desired for them to have. When I tell you of such ones, know that they are daily under My wrath because they have chosen the same as their course. They find no relief in hell, nor will they ever be able to leave, for they are in everlasting imprisonment due to their choices.

When you see the wicked appear to be prospering in this life, know that they are filling up their cup. Likewise, I will pour out My full cup of wrath, fury and indignation unto them, for vengeance belongs to Me. As I have said, I hate evil, and those who pursue the same are My enemies. Even though some of them use My name and declare they believe in Me, they are liars. I do not accept the liars who make a show of religion while their lives are the very epitome of wickedness.

Do not expect to find the liars speaking words of life. They cannot, for they can only speak cunning deceptions in order to ensnare and imprison others in their delusions. Know that deceit does not immediately reveal itself, but it is clever and hidden under many disguises.

You are living in times when many deceivers are posing as though they could offer to you comfort, healing, wisdom, etc. All that they really are doing is wearing the masquerade whereby they are entangling those who listen to them and believe their lies. Do not keep company with deceivers; rather separate yourselves from them, for they are absolute fools and will bring destruction to all who trust in their lies.

I have called and chosen you for truth; therefore continue in the same each day as you give Me thanks and praise. Do not fall down into the death trap that the enemy has for you today. Instead, rise up in the great strength that I have for you. Realize that I am your source and there is no end to Me. Yes, you have the power of dominion over all the forces of wickedness, for I have given to you the same through My Son Jesus.

Use what I have given to you, and do not fall under the spell of spirits that want you to feel helpless and hopeless. Reality is that you have Me, and you can be full of faith, hope and power. I am ever present through My Holy Spirit. Follow the mind of the same and know victory over the wicked.