Medical Murderers Condemned by God

I speak unto you this day and I would ask you: Do you know the goodness that I have prepared for the obedient? It is intended by Me that My people would walk in obedience to the Holy Spirit commands, thereby coming to know the goodness that I have prepared for them that they could partake of the same.

It was, is, and always will be My desire that men, women and children would know the way that I desire for them to walk in. I did not make humankind to undergo the many sorrows that they experience because of sin. Yet, because they yield to sin while stubbornly resisting Me, they are taken in a way that causes them sore distress, depression, despair, and premature death. I desire that people would live long and multiply as they live for Me.

You are living in times when the multitudes have little respect for human lives. When any nation takes it upon themselves to murder the unborn, they are committing ultimate atrocity before Me. When I am the giver of all life, those who cruelly choose to murder the unborn are showing their absolute disrespect for Me. Not only are they disrespecting Me, but they are murdering the helpless who do not ask to be conceived.

I do not intend that My people would be consenting to participate in the crime of abortion and think that somehow I am pleased in the same. Such twisting of the mind is an attempt to blot out the conscience and make murder acceptable.

Consider how horrid it really is for the unborn infants to face the weapons aimed at them to kill them, with no defenses whatsoever. Stop and think about how utterly devastating it would be to know that one’s own mother and father wanted them to be put to death at the hands of medical murderers. Those who so willfully turn themselves over to be the subjects of abortion are as guilty as the medical murders who take lives.

It is indeed very sorrowful to Me that nations who once called upon Me and walked according to My commandments have totally forgotten and abandoned Me. They have gone after the ways of darkness, practicing those things that are abominations before Me, and will cause the death of the innocents by the same.

Do not ever believe that I the Living God do not see such sins as are being committed in these times. I see the increase of sin, the abomination of sin, and the ruination of sin. When it has been spoken that the wages of sin are and always will be death, consider that the innocent die because of the sins of the guilty. Then, such as commit such sins think that they can justify the same because it is legal by the laws of the nations to murder the innocent ones.

I will not close My eyes, nor stop up My ears. I hear the cries of the innocents who have been killed by the cruelty of medical murderers. Know of a surety that I hold accountable those who shed the blood of the innocents. Likewise, I hold accountable those who have consented to and participated in such crimes.

Therefore, when you see My wrath openly displayed, know that I am fully justified in the same, for there are no mistakes in Me. When you hear the ones who rise up in accusation against Me, saying that I am cruel, consider the atrocities they are guilty of.

Those who want to accuse Me are guilty of abominations before Me, and I do not find any pleasure whatsoever in them. In fact, their stubborn, rebellious ways kindle My wrath all the more against them. When there are leaders of nations who are claiming the right to murder innocents as a just cause, know they are demented and demon inspired.

How far have men and women drifted on the sea of iniquity out into the murky waters of death! How degraded and debauched have they actually become in their pursuit of their own selfish ways! Know of a surety that I see and know their sins, and I visit My wrath upon them for their sins.

Be aware that I am the all-knowing God, which means that I know what people do, no matter if they attempt to hide the same. Yes, I hold them accountable for the sins they commit daily, for the same are not hidden from Me. So many have sought to hide their sins, but there is no way they can.

Do not live a hidden sin-life, for all actions are visible unto Me. Rather be bringing into the light all of your actions, attitudes, and reactions to see if they are acceptable unto Me. When My Holy Spirit convicts you of sin, do not pretend that the same is not so. If you grieve the Holy Spirit, you are grieving Me and causing yourselves to be put in the category with the stubbornly rebellious ones who are destined to be damned.

In these times, many false messengers have put forth the delusional deviations as the depiction of Me. However, such representations of Me are lies, and those putting forth the same are liars and will find their places in hell. Therefore, do not be quick to eat of the rotted pottage they are serving, for the same will make you deathly sick. If you do not vomit out such vile provision, it will poison you and cause your death.

Yes, it is true that much of what is being purported to be My Word is not coming from Me at all. The fraudulent teachers of lies are nothing more than a part of the alliance of liars and murderers who are working for the kingdom of death.

My true messengers will expose sin in order that people would repent and return to right standing with Me. Do not partake of the sweet deceits and be poisoned by the same. Eat of the truth and live!