Storms Coming to Willfully Sinful

I speak to you this day as My people, and I would declare to you that you are intended to stay true. I’ve never intended that My people would play their games and go after the vanities of the world. Yet over and over, the ones who are meant to be My people have played the harlot on Me. I do not find pleasure in such ones, for they prove that they are unfaithful and untrue.

My Spirit is sent throughout the earth to the ones who hunger and thirst for Me. They are given the opportunity for salvation through My Son, Jesus Christ. Those who are given the call to follow Him and obey the same will find themselves on the very pathway of life. When My people enter on the pathway, they are not intended to turn back, nor are they intended to take up the pursuit of the world and the vanities of the same.

When I call people unto Me, they are meant to accept the call and to come forth in the light, the life, and the love of the same. Neglect of My way turns them over to the covering of the enemy forces to be devoured by the wicked demons that are waiting to destroy.

The times that you are in are full of those who are neglecting to serve Me with gladness and rejoicing. Because they are abusing the very privileges they have to serve Me, they are fools in My sight. Be aware that I know the hearts of people. There are those who will speak and utter sweet things to Me, yet their hearts are very far from Me. They are adulterers, choosing to be satisfied with other lovers and to partake of the ways of worldliness.

It has never been, nor will it ever be pleasing to Me, when My people choose the vanities and vexations of darkness above the way of holiness, for in such choosing, they literally become My enemies and not My friends. There are many variations to be found among the ones who choose to serve other masters, other gods.

Some will become outright enemies of My purpose and say that I do not exist. Others will take in deceiving spirits and tell themselves and others that there are other ways that lead to Me than through Jesus Christ. Still, some will try to convince themselves that they are all right because they still love Me, even though they don’t pursue My course with steadfast commitment.

None of these are satisfying unto Me, because they have chosen their own deceptions and are taken down in the same. I do not call you to deception; I call you to the truth. As you well know that I have declared, woe to the ones who have turned from Me and forgotten Me as their Creator. In these days when I am openly displaying My wrath upon humankind, it is because their hearts are hard, and their deeds are full of darkness.

Do not be shocked when you hear of escalating wars throughout the earth. These wars are the consequence of people being at war with Me. If you measure the sins of humanity against My wrath, you will see that I have been merciful, and I have been long-suffering. I have not extended to humanity the measure of wrath they deserve. Rather, I have patiently sent forth My prophets crying out to them to repent and turn from their own iniquities and the darkness they live in.

Yet, despite My desire to see them return to Me, they are the ones who have refused repeatedly to repent. Therefore, do not become weary in well doing because of what you see transpiring among the sons of men. Be committed unto Me and steadfast in My desires for you. It is a good thing to know Me as the One you are meant to serve each day. You are to keep such a commitment with all of your hearts. Know that the results will be everlasting and rewarding when you stay true to Me.

Many choose to deviate from the path that is straight and narrow, then they find themselves bogged down in many sorrows. I do not call you to many sorrows; I call you to the strength that is found through Me. Therefore, be among the few, the faithful, and the precious who do not give way to the tempter.

Those who are remaining true to Me are considered jewels in My sight because they do not go after the sins that are so commonplace in these times. As they choose to remain faithful and true to Me, they receive the rewards that I have for them both in this life, and the life to come.

There are yet to come upon the willful and stubbornly resistant many storms. It is because of sin that the devastating storms will hit them, and they will not know how. I will tell you how these things have come: It is by their invitation because of their choices for darkness rather than light. There is nothing that is unjust in Me, for I am the God who is just in My dealings with the people. Do not side with those who are under My wrath, lest you likewise be forced to partake of the same.

Be ever eager to walk with Me and to keep your commitment unto Me. The more that you choose My way, the more you find I give you mercy day by day. That does not mean that you do not ever suffer or have hardship. What those mercies do is make bearable that which would otherwise be unbearable.

Thank Me even now that you do not have to be entangled in the many webs of deception that are present. You can be led in the clarity of the mind of My Spirit and guided in the great way that I intend for you. Therefore, do not choose to neglect My way. Rather walk in the same with gladness because you are not under My wrath. Be thankful each day to be redeemed, to be restored, and to be receiving righteous guidance.