Fake Gods Bring Hopeless Wanderings

I speak to you this day and I declare it again that it is Me the Living God who is ever present with those who are faithful. Therefore, know that vengeance belongs to Me, and I redeem the ones who cry out to Me to be freed from the clutches of the enemies. Do not be discouraged. Wait upon Me. Look to Me as the author and finisher of your faith.

Multitudes have gone after the broad way, only to find that there is nothing to be found. Day after day, they pursue the course of emptiness and futility, all to their own despair. In these times, many are settling into hopelessness, despair and fear. All of these spirits come to those who follow other gods.

They have no comfort nor guidance in the days of hardship and uncertainty. So it is that in fake gods they hope to find refuge, but there is none. Because they have gone after the broad way, they take one pathway after another, and each one proves to be more disappointing than the last.

You are not called to spend your days in hopeless wanderings, nor are you to neglect your relationship with Me because of the circumstances that you are in. No, you are to take whatever pressures are at hand, and use them to cultivate a deeper relationship with Me as your Maker.

As My people, know that you are being led by My Holy Spirit, for I do not leave you alone. You are led forth in the way that I intend by the indwelling Holy Spirit that has been given to you. If you consider the uselessness that so many live in during these times, be thankful that you can continue to please Me, as you will be ever made glad for the light I give you on the path.

While multitudes are complaining and living in constant fear, you are privileged to live in faith and confidence in Me. Therefore, be evermore quick to praise Me each day. As you give the praise unto Me, you are uplifted in the power of My presence, as My light shines forth on you and through you.

Repeatedly, those who are in wanderings take path after path on the broad way, all leading to disappointment and frustration. Why go in such a way when I offer to you the very way that is My triumphant truth? As you consider what your options really are, you can see it comes down to either life or death as to where you spend your days.

I do not intend for you to live in the muck of the world, being bogged down to where you desire to die. I desire you live in the realms of My glory. Then you are shown that I am the One who is far above all that is in the world and the death that is lurking, wanting to devour souls. Be receiving what I have intended, as you look to Me and believe in Me as your God.

When you look at the condition of your circumstances, it is easy to be discouraged. This is especially true as the enemy forces are ever present with their lies and accusations. However, those who are pursuing My life will see over and over that I am the One who does bring forth My vengeance upon the evildoers who have desired to destroy My people.

Think of the many nations that have come and gone upon this earth, brought down by My wrath because of their hatred for righteousness. Do you think that these present powers are invincible? Believe Me, they are not! Therefore, do not fall down under the curses that they desire to put upon you. Instead, rise up in the dominion power that I have given to you, and refuse, rebuke and refute the lying demons that swarm your minds.

Know that the demons are fearful of the presence of My Son Jesus and are aware of the power that is in His very name. Be using the weapons of warfare and come forth as the victors you are intended to be. As My people, you are not meant to look at yourselves as victims; you are meant to know that you are victors.

This in mind, do not be conquered by the circumstances and situations that you are presently in. Call upon Me day by day, and bear witness of the daily miracles I do for you. When you live each day in the attitude of gratitude, your eyes are opened to see that it is by My mercies that you are given abundant life.

Do not look at the deceptions of the world and imagine that you are meant to have the same. You are not. Instead, look to Me as the One who will give to you all that you need to abide satisfied day by day. Be enjoying the mercies that are available and new every morning. Let My Spirit lead and guide you to the goals that I have for your pilgrimage on this earth. Be winning the race that is set before you by continuing and keeping in the pathway of inward peace. As you do, you will find repeatedly that you do not lack for any good thing, because I am with you.

Thank Me this day that you do not need to live under the heaviness of fear and anxiety. Be glad that you can live in the joy of My presence. Know that as you keep your eyes upon Me, you will never be a captive of the coalition of criminals who have tried to destroy you, for even when they think that they have finally defeated you, know that I am the same God who has set My people free over and over from their oppressors.

Do not give in to the fears and worries that want to grab you. Give way to praising and thanking Me. When it is Me that you concentrate upon, you will find that you have every reason to be rejoicing. As you are led forth into greater realms of My glory, be glad that you are not a hopeless wanderer being led to death and damnation. As you hope in Me, so do I give you life.