Uncontrolled Temper Erupts in Violence

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not give yourselves over to outbursts of temper, for the same will cause you problems. In these times, many have abandoned themselves to explosive anger and ventilation through violence. While the same may satisfy for the moment, the consequences of such behavior bring about many sorrows. It is not My intention that men, women and children would have no control over their emotions.

Those who lend themselves to substances will find that the same will escalate the factor of uncontrollable temper tantrums. Often, under the influence of such substances, people have been known to commit atrocities they would never do in soberness. Do not be yielding to the temptations of the temper; rather be yielding unto My Spirit, for the same will give you peace.

I desire that you would allow My Spirit to control you and guide you in the way that I have intended. Therefore, do not be giving yourselves over to continual complaining, inasmuch as the same is as a smoldering fire that can burst into disastrous flames. When you are full of complaints in your hearts, you will only be able to see your own problems. Then you will be consumed by self-pity as you are intoxicated on the same.

As My people, you are not meant to be focused on your own problems; you are meant to be focused upon My will for you. When My people come under the Holy Spirit guidance that I intend, then they are guided forth in the purposed path that I provide. Be thankful that you are not locked into the prison house of self-idolatry.

When people are yielding to the god of self, they are yielding to a monster who is never satisfied and complains when others do not bow to the same god. This in turn brings out the foul temper which causes them to be continually disturbed and ready to explode at the least little thing. Such hot-headed displays are infectious, inasmuch as others will likewise respond in anger and animosity.

Children who display temper tantrums and excessive violence often learn such behaviors from those who are influences in their lives. Oftentimes, the “maladjusted children” are merely a reflection of what they experience at home.

There is much that is detrimental that comes as the consequence of failure to control self. Through the indwelling Spirit, My people are given the ability and the strength to remain in the way that is calm. Then, by the same, they are in My presence.

There is no reason to think that explosive outbursts of temper solve the situations that are causing distress. Such outbursts usually only serve to escalate the demonic forces that are instigating violence and even murder among humankind.

Consider how many wars are being fought around this world as the consequence of leaders who are unable to control themselves. Such despotic rulers take their nations into ruination because they are convinced that their way is the right way.

If men and women would return to Me as the governing force, so would they find that they are enabled to live in peace. However, when My people become focused on the world rather than Me, they will come to ruination in the same. This is because they are looking to see themselves promoted and worshiped. Such mindsets are the works of demonic influence and the abomination of pride.

This day, do not yield to foul moods and angry outbursts. Rather be quick to alter the bad mood by giving thanks and praise unto Me. When you are thankful to Me, you will see that I continually uplift you into My joy.

You are not intended to have things your own way; you are intended to walk in My way, for the same is eternal life. I do not intend for My people to be found in the world’s ugliness. I intend for My people to be guided by My Spirit into the beauties I have prepared for My own.

Therefore, be glad that moment by moment you are meant to keep focused on Me because the same keeps you steadily going forward. Do not look to the false messengers to guide you, for they cause you to fall into a ditch. Thank Me even this day that I am the One who intends for you to be ever kept and purposed in My life.

When you are redeemed by the blood of My Son Jesus, you are given a new life wherein you are taught a new and better way of living on this earth. As you learn to listen to the voice of My Spirit and obey the same, you will be guided in the godly wisdom that I give to those who desire Me. Therefore, be thankful to know that you are not alone and that you have been set free from the prison house of self.

Repeatedly give Me praise, for the same will I inhabit. That is, when My people are praising Me, they are not in captivity to themselves. So, the forces of darkness cannot bear cruel rule over them. By walking in the pattern that My Son has left for you, you will be uplifted and brought forth in the dimensions of the spirit life I intend for you.

Do not be choosing to be losing by remaining in the carnal prison houses that take you down deeper into sin, death and damnation. Be glad to walk in the salvation way that uplifts you and gives you joy, peace, and hope in Me. Train yourselves to control the “mad-man” and allow the “good-man” to be made evident in your lives. Reflect repentance and the peace therein.