World’s Counselors Bring Confusion

I speak to you this day and I advise you: Have not many masters. Those who are seeking counsel of the world’s counselors are seeking for confusion. I do not intend that My people would live in confusion. I intend that My people would live in the abundance of truth that I provide. I supply My people with the Holy Spirit. He will lead and guide them into all truth.

There are many who can talk the talk regarding how much they love Me, yet they are not loving Me at all. This they show by their deeds, which are far from Me. Repeatedly, they allow themselves to be taken in the world’s snares that promote sin. Because of their involvement in sin, they are proven to be far from Me and the way that I intend for My own.

Literally, men and women who do not learn to harness their tongues are asking for troubles. This is because they will open their lips and utter those things that are corruption and will take them down the road of disappointment.

So often, when a man or a woman does not speak responsible words, their deeds follow their words, and the same brings sorrow. Learn to harness your tongues, and be thankful as you do.

You are living in times when many words are spoken carelessly each day as multitudes give forth utterances of irresponsibility and foolishness. Over and over, people absorb the senseless ramblings of those who are headed to damnation and are influenced by the same.

I do not find pleasure in those who are transmitting lies and hypocrisy to any and all who will listen. I have intended that My people would measure their words and not be adversely influenced to make declarations that are of demonic inspiration.

The world is full of evil spirits who are ever seeking to motivate men and women towards actions that are wrong before Me. When the motivation of actions is from evil sources, of course the fruit of the same will prove to be bitter.

Often, you will hear the ranting complaints of those whose hearts are far from Me. In such, they are destitute of the guidance of wisdom because they have refused godly counsel and instruction. With these examples making manifest the folly of many masters, do not listen to those who are walking according to wickedness and not righteousness.

Do not walk in the way of fools, nor keep company with transgressors, for the same will end in the damnation of their souls. There are many who are eager to take up lies as though they were sweet delights. However, those sweet deceits will turn bitter and bring many sorrows. Do not think that what demons offer is truly representative of goodness.

Be thankful that you are not led about by the mediums who daily give forth their reports according to their own understanding. Such ones are so full of themselves that they are literally blinded by the same. I do not intend that you would be accepting their accounts as though they spoke with clarity. Be aware that they are going down the devil’s road to spiritual destruction and damnation of their souls.

You are living in times when multitudes are eating of the garbage and throwing away the good. Repeatedly, they refuse the provision that I would give to them, and take up the very things that separate them from Me. In choosing to do so, they find that they are not able to continue with clarity. Instead, they are crushed by the confusion that is rampant in these times.

If you truly desire to be steadily continuing in My way, then seek your counsel of Me and be willing to be directed in My way. I do not intend that you go in the way of fools and be devoured by the same. I intend that you take My way and be uplifted in Me, as I am your source and resource.

Each day, ponder the power that is found in words. You can speak forth life, or you can speak forth death. When you give way to the demonic pressures to speak forth the words that promote death, you bear the consequences of the same.

Ugly are the words that many speak even in their own hearts because they are not praising and thanking Me. In order to speak forth the words that bring life, you must live in Me. When you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, you are bringing forth the words that are life-giving and nourishing to the souls of those who hear the same.

Yes, you are in times when I am vindicating Myself upon the wicked through My wrath which is being revealed. However, you are not intended to be under My wrath. You are intended to be uplifted daily in the light, the love, and the life that are to be found in Me. Therefore, pay heed to the words that I give forth. Let the same enrich you and enlighten you so that you do not deviate to darkness.

It is senseless to die in darkness when you are called to the everlasting light that is found in the words that are eternal. With such understanding, proceed each day with confidence that you can cooperate with My Spirit and not give way to foolishness. Those who spend their time in foolish jesting are literally choosing the consequences they reap.

Do not be hasty to speak, but rather learn to speak as My Spirit would direct you. When you are under such control, you will see that the words you are given are full of impact and wisdom. Thank Me this day that you do not need to ramble on and on in the repetition of nonsense. Rather, you can speak forth the words of wisdom and impart life to the ones who will listen and obey.