Fervent Heat, Foretaste of Hell

I speak to you this day to notify you that it is Me the Living God who will soon burn with fervent heat, as I am sending forth intense heat upon the earth. Because of their continual sinning and hatred for repentance, I intend to give people a foretaste of hell. This I do in a last warning to them to repent and turn from their wicked ways, lest they end in hell for eternity.

In these times, men have grown outrageously rebellious. They are refusing to bend the knee. By the same, they are bringing My wrath upon them repeatedly. Because they are being fueled by demons, their attitude towards Me is hateful and ungrateful. They are blinded by pride and believing in their own righteousness rather than My mercies. I do not intend for them to be in such a state of being. However, they are choosing the same.

When the fervent heat is released upon this earth, many will die under the same. The heat shall be intense, and the cause will be sin. However, for those who are faithful and true to Me, I will pour forth abundance of mercy. This shows that I am indeed the source of lovingkindness and goodness.

When it is Me that you are focused upon, you will not be in the mindset of the damned. Rather, you will be enabled to come forth, no matter how much others are under the plagues. This is because I am openly displaying that I give favor to the ones who are ever true to Me. The sin-driven world needs the visible witness of My miracle powers revealed.

Therefore, I am intending to show forth miracles of wrath and miracles of mercy to a wayward and perverse generation. Be thankful this day that you are not hopelessly bound in trespasses and sins, because you have been set free through My Son Jesus. By the infinite goodness that He provides, you are being uplifted, kept, and directed in the blessedness of Our way.

I created humanity to be in union with Me and the fellowship of continual communication with Me as their Maker, their Creator. When Eve listened to the liar and entered into sin, then enticed her husband to the same transgression, their sins caused them to be separated from Me. So it is even now. Endless multitudes are separated from Me because they have chosen to give themselves over to sin rather than righteousness.

How important are the choices that people make on a daily basis. Few realize that they can make choices for Me. Most choose for themselves and for the demons that deceive them. They are bogged down daily by spirits of exhaustion. Therefore, they choose what appears to be the easiest way. If only they would perceive that what appears to be the “easy way” is the way that is death to their bodies and damnation to their souls.

Do not give way to exhaustion, whereby you are constantly worn out and weary, for the same is a demonic masquerade. The enemies want you to be ineffective and unable to do My will. Therefore, know that they will stop at nothing to drag you down and cause you to be continually weary and worn out.

Rebuke such spirits when they come at you, for they are sent to destroy you and any zeal that you have in serving Me. When you rebuke such spirits, you will at first feel more exhausted than ever. However, as you keep on demanding them to leave by the power of My Son’s name, they are forced to vacate the territory.

Be thankful today that you do not need to be weary in well doing. Know that I supply you everything that you have need of. I will continue to do so when you are faithful and true to Me. Therefore, be trusting that I am your energy source and that My supply is unlimited. If you look only at your own strength, you will see that it deteriorates and dissipates before your eyes. When you look to Me, you will see that My strength remains invincible and enduring forever.

Know that I will give you energy daily as you ask for the same. I do not withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly. I will provide for you at all times. Be serving Me in continual compliance with My will, for in the same you will find safety and strength. It is ridiculous to play around with the devil’s toys and devices. Such are nothing but deadly weapons that bring death and damnation.

Many have thought that they could “sin a little” and get by. They do not get by; they are taken down in degradation and debauchery, for the same are like sucking quicksand that takes people under. It is the fools who, like Eve, think themselves to be greater than they are. Remember that you are intended for My purposes and My plans. With this in mind, resist the enemy insinuations and invitations to sin.

Be aware that sin is like cancer and will eat and eat at you until you are devoured. Why give yourselves over to be devoured, destroyed and damned? It is the fools who close their eyes and follow folly, then they end in the damnation of their souls. The wise will receive godly instruction and be made wiser.

Ask of Me for godly instruction and be made wise, then see that I do miracles before your eyes. Know that you are intended to live long and give testimony to the generations yet not born of My miracle power and My glory revealed.

Be open to the leading, direction, and correction that is given through My Spirit, for the same will be life to your souls. There is always hope when you are trusting in Me as your energy source.