Pattern Son

I speak to you this day and I tell you: Build upon My Word, so that what you build is in Me. There are many who build on the world’s foundation, and the same is shifting sand. They do not build according to the standard that remains; therefore, nations come and go. People live and die and are remembered no more. This is because they are refusing to build according to the words of life that have been given for men, women and children to be guided by

If people would pay heed to the very foundation that I have given for their lives to be guided by, so would they be kept in the way that I have intended for them. I did not create humankind for destruction, devastation and despair; I created them for the fellowship and communion with Me.

However, because of the very factor of sin, humans have chosen to be living in sin rather than righteousness. In such behaviors, they are a grief unto Me. I do not call My people to sin; rather, I call them to the way that is righteousness and holiness. Because I am the God who is righteous, I desire that My people would likewise be clean.

I do not find pleasure in those who wallow daily in sin and do not desire to change from the same. These ones are a grief to Me because their hearts are so far from Me. Therefore, do not be expecting that such ones will receive the goodness that I have in preparation for My people. They will not.

There are multitudes who have looked to the vanities of the world and thought that the same were “the way to go.” Because they sold out for the baubles and beads of Babylon, they have not developed, nor done anything for My kingdom. Everything in their lives is centered on them, whereby they believe that they are doing “alright.”

Truth is, if you read My written Word given for your instruction, you will realize that as My people, you are meant to love Me first, above all else. When you are loving Me in such a way, you will find that I do not withhold any good thing from you.

My Spirit is ever present to give to you exactly what you need to be uplifted, guided, and kept in My infinite mercies. It is only the foolish who are blinded, being led into the broad way wherein they find their own death and damnation.

While there are multitudes who hear the call to repentance, they refuse to obey. In their resistance, they are proven to be vain and void of spiritual understanding. This is because they are following the liar and his lies. I do not intend for My people to return to the vomit, nor to wallow in the uncleanness of the world. My people are intended to seek for the truth, as I give to them the same.

I have given to those who have asked of Me the Holy Spirit, who leads and guides them into all truth. Keeping these factors in mind, do that which is My will for you. Then you will see that I am with you and that My Spirit is ever present to uplift and guide you forth.

My Son Jesus was the One who I have given as your pattern. He prayed that He would do My will rather than His own. In such prayers, He showed that His motives where not for the promotion of Himself. Rather, His motives were for the furtherance of My kingdom. He was so willing to do My will, that He gave His very life to fulfill the same.

Considering that He is the pattern that you are meant to adhere to, follow Him. As you do likewise, then your lives show forth His way, which is the way of eternal life. By this example, others who are looking for life will be given the example of the higher way wherein I abide.

Far too many of those who say they love Me do not love Me at all. They are taking advantage of My mercy and thinking that they can live for themselves, while claiming to love Me. Those who love Me will walk in the way that I ordain. In addition, they will be concerned with others rather than continually looking only to advance and promote themselves.

Thank Me this day that you can come forth knowing that it is Me that you are serving. When you serve with gladness and rejoicing, then you are enabled to see that I am the One who is indeed well able. Do not choose to walk in the way of the damned, nor to listen to their promotion of themselves. Those who are steeped in self exaltation are glistening with pride and are corrupt before Me.

How really foolish it is when My people will take the glory that belongs to Me, then act as though they are something great. They are reflecting the character of the devil and are not a reflection of My Son. You are not intended to be exhibiting yourselves, nor are you meant to believe that you are greater than you are.

Pride is abomination and will come before the fall. If you could see into the rubble of those who have given themselves to pride in generations past, you would see that pride is a dangerous pursuit. Therefore, do not give way to pride, for the enemies would love to snare you in the same. Choose instead the humility way, which will keep you knowing that you are needy of My Spirit guidance each day.

Let the mind of My Son cover you, which is the mind of humility and submission to My purpose. In such a mindset, there is safety and strength that I provide to any and all who choose My purpose.