Do Not Give Place to Disgrace

I speak to those who have an ear to hear and will listen and obey. There are many who have ears, yet they do not hear. They likewise have eyes, but they do not see. This is, they are deaf and blind, because they have hardened their hearts against Me. I do not call you to such a place of disgrace; I call you to hear, to see, and to obey the commands and warnings that you receive through My Holy Spirit.

It has never been My intention that men and women would live in the degradation of sin, nor has it been My intention that they would live in the absolute darkness that is ever present in these times. However, because they are continually refusing to repent, they are debauched and overwhelmed in darkness and destitution of soul. This is tragic, for it brings about absolute separation from Me.

Do not choose to be as those who are dull, dumb, deaf, and blind by their choices against Me. While they love to embellish themselves in bragging about their sinful ventures and enterprises, they are doing the things that are abomination before Me. Being made dull by the demons they serve, they are greatly deceived, inasmuch as they are headed to death and damnation.

There are of course evil forces that are waiting to grab hold of the ones who are not spiritually alert and alive, for those who are not bringing themselves to attention are taking themselves down the pathway of their own destruction. This is the consequence of spiritual sloth, whereby people give way to demonic infiltration and are overtaken by the same.

Do not allow yourselves to be found in the muddling confusion that so many are in, for the same is the consequence of allowing your minds to be focused on the world rather than Me. I find no pleasure when My people have given themselves over to confusion, when they are meant to be alert and alive in My Spirit. I do not intend that My people would be captivated by sin and by the same lose out with Me. I have intended that My people would be upright, walking with Me each day knowing that I bear rule over them.

When you have been maintaining My standard and living for Me, as the evil plot to destroy you, know that you will not be destroyed by them, for it is My intention to vindicate through My vengeance upon them. Therefore, do not give up in discouragement and despair, but keep your eyes fixed upon Me, for I am the keeper of your souls. Over and over, My Spirit guides you forth and directs you in the way that is well pleasing unto Me.

Do not make friendship with the world, neither be seeking to please them. Those who are of the world are the citizens of the kingdom of death, and the same takes them to their own destruction.

Be not like those who are choosing death, for in the end they face damnation of their souls. With gladness and rejoicing, serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude. I do not call you to be a chronic complainer; I call you to be teachable, that you can be reachable and resourceful for the furtherance of My kingdom.

I have called many to be My messengers and to serve Me with their lives. However, they have failed to keep their first estate and have allowed themselves to be overwhelmed by the cares of this life. Because they have done so, they become more enthralled with the treasures of worldly pleasures. They are no longer concerned with the treasures that remain and are stored in heavenly dimensions.

So many of those who once committed themselves to Me in sincerity and deep desire have gone a whoring after the world and the confusion and delusion of the same. In such, they have made themselves My enemies by their choices for the world.

You are not intended to be lured into the broad way; you are intended to be kept in the straight and narrow way that is eternal life. When your focus is ever upon Me, you are not easily deceived. My Spirit remains present with the ones who walk uprightly and will guide them forth in the realms that I have prepared. There are many wondrous miracles and blessings that will be yours if you keep your vision single unto Me.

Thank Me that you are privileged to be given eyes to see, ears to hear, and the willingness to obey. When you see the captives who are locked in the stubbornness of pride and unable to repent, be glad that I give you the capability to repent and walk uprightly in Me.

It is a good thing to be on the freedom road rather than the slavery road that sinners are on. Those who are guilty of sinning without repentance are literally slaves to their sins. They are motivated and controlled by demons, who drive them with cruelty down the road that is death and damnation.

Consider where you would be if you had not been brought into the salvation mercies through Jesus, My Son. While it is not a pleasant thing to think on, it is good to be aware that you were saved by mercy and not by your righteousness.

Be aware that you are now destined to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude, not with lip service but with all of your hearts and your lives. Do not be as those who have trashed My mercies and gone back into captivity because they lusted for their old sinful ways.

Walk uprightly and know that you are given the standard that will separate you from the degradation of sin. Do not return to bondage, but rather rejoice each day that you are set free to love, to serve, and to worship, because you have been redeemed. Give thanks both now and always for freedom in Me.