Many Magnificent Miracles

I speak to you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who is the God of all gods. Inasmuch as I am the self-existent, I am well able to do miracles for those who are needy of Me and will cry out to Me. I hear those who are willing to humble themselves to Me. Whether they do so out of gladness or desperation, I am the One who hears them when they cry.

There are many who miss the miracles, because they do not humble themselves to Me and call upon My Name. Some of these ones are too proud to admit that there is such a supreme power as Me. Others have been falsely taught that I no longer do miracles, for the age of miracles is passed. This is not true, for I remain as the eternal God far above all others.

Be thankful this day that I am indeed the wondrous God who has done in times past many wondrous things seen by peoples throughout the earth. Because I am the Creator, there is nothing that is impossible for Me to do or to bring forth from My own creative resources and powers.

I am the same God who opened the Red Sea for My people. As the dry land appeared before them, they were indeed able to escape. When the Egyptian army attempted to follow them across the Red Sea, the same closed in upon them, and they all drowned!

Over and over throughout the history of My people, I have done miracles for them. There is none who is like unto Me, for I prevail. Repeatedly, I show that I am the miracle-working God, whose powers and glory remain. There is no other god or goddess who can do the impossible miracles that I can do effortlessly. Thank Me that it is Me that you serve. Give thanks that through Me you are enabled to see and share in the miracles that I provide.

Know that in the realm of miracles, there have been many instances of great impossibility, impending death, destruction, and devastation. Then I have intervened for those who cried out to Me, revealing My mighty power.

There are many, as I have said, who miss the miracles, and this is indeed a tragedy, because it gives Me pleasure to see My people receive over and over the goodness I have prepared for them. Do not put off asking Me for help in any given situation, for I am able to do small miracles daily for you as you are looking to Me as the One who is well able.

Do not ever forget that the greatest miracle that has been done in your lives is when you yielded to Jesus and repented unto Him. There is no other deity named, present or past, that is able to save men, women and children from the penalty of their sins. It is only through My Son Jesus that redemption is granted to those who are repentant and accepting of His lordship.

Do not give way to the seducing spirits of this age. Remember that the devil is the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning. As a lion prowling about, he is looking for souls to devour and destroy in his goal to murder souls and see them damned. Be alert to the fact that the warfare is continual and that you cannot put down your armor and hang up your sword and shield.

Therefore, continue to fight the good fight of faith. Know that when you have done all that you can do, you can still rely upon Me as you stand still and see My salvation power revealed. As you take the time to recount and remember this day all of the miracles that I have done for you, you cannot help but praise Me, for I am omnipresent. It is Me the Living God who hears the cries and the petitions of My people.

Those who are worshiping dead gods are crying out to the wind, and the same does not hear them when they cry. Over and over, they plead with their idols and their cries go unanswered, because the gods they serve are nothing but the fabrication of the imaginations of men and women inspired by demons.

Consider the emptiness of idolatry and the desolation of soul that is forever haunting to those who are dull and dumb as the false gods they serve. When you hear the idol worshipers in their vain explanations as to their idols, know that they are deceived and wanting to deceive others. This is because the powers that have control of their minds are of the devil and his demons.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to be partakers of such but that you can actively partake of Me as the author and finisher of your faith. Today and every day, do not give in to complaining and murmuring about circumstances and situations; rather pray unto Me. When you bring yourselves before Me in faith, I will answer your prayers, not only regarding your own well-being, but for others likewise.

When the enemy forces attempt to drag you into the prison house of complaining, refuse to enter into the same. Know that the solution to the dilemma is found through Me, for I am the God who hears and answers the prayers of My people.

Do not be centered on yourselves as though you were the only people on earth. Rather be centered on Me, for I do miracles over and over for those who humble themselves and pray for others, both locally, nationally and globally.

The world at this time is full of hopeless despair, and many are crushed by the daily reports spewing out by the mediums of the devil. Proclaim Me as the miracle-working God to such ones, and know that there are some who will hear and try Me and find that I am the One who is the God of miracles. Be glad to serve Me and declare Me to others.