Violators of Their Vows

I would ask this day: Why do My people stray from Me, then go a whoring after the vanities of the world and all that is therein? Over and over, My people have departed and do depart from Me, and undergo sufferings and shame in the same. It is not at My direction that they choose wickedness; it comes from the issues of their own hearts. Know of a certainty that My intentions towards My people are goodness and mercy.

If you consider the confusion and delusion that are rampant in the world, there is nothing but madness and sadness that come from the same. More and more, people are swiftly devoured by those who are destroyers and murderers. Multitudes become embroiled in violence, either as victims or perpetrators. All of the shedding of blood, the stealing, the lying and the cheating that go on are some of the reasons why people are under My wrath.

I have repeatedly sent forth My prophets crying out against their sins that are blatantly evident, yet they are refusing to repent. My prophets speak forth the words that leave them exposed, as they are shown up to be the violators of their vows unto Me. However, they still do not repent and turn from the wickedness. That is invoking My wrath.

I am wearied by their antics and their behaviors. Such are far from the standard of righteousness that I desire in My people. The world is not improving, only growing daily more degraded and debauched. The diet of violence, excessive bloodshed, and sexual perversions is causing millions to fall prey to the idiocy of these times.

The control of the media is overly excessive, as people are no longer allowed to think for themselves. Instead, they are hounded by the demonic spirits that rule with the fist of iron. Consequently, hatred and inward rebellion are abounding.

I do not call you to such stupidities. As My people, you are called to pray for, receive, and walk in godly instruction and wisdom. I have given My Holy Spirit as your indwelling guide. He is the One who shows you My light upon the path. Therefore, do not quench the Spirit, nor refuse to pay heed to the same. Instead, be thankful each day that you can walk with Me and partake of all that I give, for My mercies are ever abundant.

Those who have found their comfortable niches in the arms of the demon powers will resist all prophetic exposure of their sins. They will deny their own need to repent and turn from the very things that are destroying them and causing them many sorrows.

Because they have grown to love the power they find in worldly materialism, they presume that the same will remain steady in the times of My shaking. However, they have been blinded by the god of this world, as they have taken on the values that have no value. So it is that they are pursuing the fools’ gold rather than the true riches that I provide for them.

Over and over, people swarm after the honey-coated lies that are fed to them by the mediums of deceit and delusion. Imagining that they are sitting on top of the world, they fail to realize how near to falling into the abyss they really are. As those who are hanging over canyons and thinking they will never fall, so are they equally stupid. Little do they know that they can be totally ruined in all of their false securities in one moment.

Those who trust in the carnal riches that make themselves wings are trusting in the lies that are commonplace to the sons of men. Such deceits will take their hearts far from Me. Then, if they survive the falls they incur and do not end up dead, they will feign repentance. This is because their hearts are full of the hardness of their adulteries.

Quite seriously, the conditions that people are in during these times are ugly and will bring them to complete ruination of body, soul and spirit. Not only that, but all that they think they have achieved will end in heaps of rubble when My anger is vindicated upon the same.

Stop and meditate on how many nations have come and gone upon this earth. Their demise has been because they were destroyed by My wrath for the abominations they committed before Me. I did not make men and women in the image of idols nor demons. I made them to reflect My glory. It was and still is My desire for My people to be full of the light, love and life that are depictions of the kingdom wherein I abide.

Whenever those who have made the claim that they are My people turn to the world and the uncleanness of the same, they are as pigs returning to wallow in the mire. Like dogs, they eat up the vomit of the things that are making them sin sick. They are internally hard as stone, for they have chosen to believe in lies rather than to trust in the truth.

Of course, some of them end up hating Me and declaring that I am not even existing. This is because they have grown bitter and anger at what they are reaping as the rewards of their folly. Others will put on a hypocritical show of feigned repentance, only to continue to sin in secret.

However, as men and women choose to go apart from Me, the same is nothing more than the way of their own death and damnation. I do not intend for My people to be destroyed and damned. I have intended for them to be thankful for the salvation mercies that were made available to them by Jesus, the Christ. Apart from Me are destitution, despair and damnation.