Indulgent Transgressors Invoke God’s Wrath

I speak unto you this day and I say: Let your trust, your hope, and your confidence be ever in Me. When it is Me that you keep on believing, you will be receiving of what I have prepared for you, and you will be made glad to partake daily of the same. Therefore, do not allow the enemy to interfere and pull you out of Me and into the mire of the world.

The world has always been full of darkness and iniquity, and when My people expect to find life in the world, they are deceived. The only life is found in Me, for it is Me who brings forth the life that remains. Therefore, do not be deceived into believing that there is something in the world that will give hope to you. There is not.

Many in these times are finding themselves to be hopeless, because they are and have been trusting in their idols, and those things are failing them. I do not intend that you would put your confidence in the vain things that are not worth serving. I intend that you would keep your confidence in Me, for I am the One who cares for you and guides you by My Holy Spirit.

As can be expected during these times, when I am revealing My wrath against the ungodly behaviors of the multitudes, it is most important that My people seek My face and My counsel. Be thankful each day that you can seek Me as the One who is ever available. Those who are looking unto idols are basically looking unto emptiness and hopeless despair.

Consider that when men and women are deprived of spiritual satisfaction, they are desolate of soul. While they put on their vain shows for their idols, they only wax bolder in their sins and abominations.

When you see the influx of the wicked who are fleeing their own habitations, know that it is because My wrath is upon them, and they are running like rats. However, if they do not repent, then the sorrows they undergo will increase and be multiplied in their lives. This is because they have chosen to be transgressors in My sight, and the corruptions they indulge themselves in are vile.

Such mockers and scoffers as these are going in the destitution and the desolation that ends in damnation of their souls. Because they have been blinded by the god of this world, their hearts are full of rottenness and decay.

Over and over, they have mocked My prophets who proclaimed words of warning to be heard by all. Likewise, these have been the first to scoff the very facts that have been made evident to them. Do not keep company with such, for they will bring you into discouragement and despair.

I call My people to walk in the company of the redeemed and to find their joy in the same. Repeatedly, multitudes are taken down the road of futility because they are far from Me. Do not travel with such ones and end in the ditches of despair that are all around. Be glad to be in the company of the redeemed and let the same be your uplift.

When My people are in fellowship and friendship with one another, they will find the peace that I give to them. This is because they are knit together by My Spirit and are an encouragement to each other since their focus is ever upon Me.

Let your lives be spent in rejoicing and giving praise unto Me rather than in the darkness that so many are taken captive by. You are not called to be in captivity; you are called to be in the freedom that I give unto My own. Be thankful even today that you do not need to go on in darkness, but you can come forth in the light.

It is not My joy to keep pouring out wrath, fury and indignation upon humankind. However, if the majority refuse to repent, then they invoke the very things upon themselves that are destruction. Over and over, before and in the aftermath of many disasters, I have sent My Holy Spirit to convict the multitudes of their sins. Sad to say, most have ignored the very warnings that have been sent unto them, and gone on as though there is no tomorrow.

As it was in the days of My prophet Noah, people are entrenched in their sinful and debauched lifestyles. They are entangled in the web of deception, to the extent that they will not listen to the warnings given forth. Instead, they mock and scoff My messengers, and act as though the same have no right to tell them of the doom and gloom on the horizon.

In Noah’s time, by refusal to repent of their sins, it is Me the Living God who rained down My wrath upon them. They were utterly destroyed by death, and all that was significant of their sinful lifestyles was devastated.

Realize the reality of the destruction of sin upon humanity. Think of how many there are who ended in hell. They stubbornly resisted repentance and refused to pay heed to the warnings. Had they listened, they would have spared themselves such an end.

Do not resist the promptings of conviction that My Holy Spirit brings upon you. Be quick to repent and admit the transgressions that you have committed, that you do not continue to grieve Me. Inasmuch as you are of carnal origin, do not trust your own understanding. Rather, seek daily to be guided by My Spirit and to walk in the light that is provided by the same.

My people are not meant to be found in friendship with the world and by the same being under My wrath. The ones who are truly Mine are meant to keep themselves clean from the filthiness of the world. Thank Me this day that it is Me that you can serve with gladness, rejoicing, and the giving of thanks. Be partaking of the cup of My mercies that I have prepared for the upright.