Youth Herded into the Slaughterhouses of Sin

It is to Me that men, women and children are to pay oblation. However, they have forsaken Me, the Living God, and gone after idols. In so doing, they have greatly offended Me by their stupidity and foolishness. You are living in times of extreme darkness, when many are choosing to behave in a way that is grievous unto Me. How can they imagine that there are other gods? All of those gods are the result of the demonically inspired craft of men and women. It is because their hearts are hard towards Me.

When I created the earth and all that is therein, there was no idol, no other god to tell Me what to do, nor how to do it. It was Me who brought forth the skies, the land, the waters, and all living plant life, both above ground and below ground. It was Me who put the various kinds of creatures upon the earth and in the waters and gave them life. Likewise, it was Me who created humankind and gave to them life.

Because of rebellion, many have chosen to believe in false gods that are dead and are simply delusions. I do not call you to such delusions. I have created you and I have called you to be faithful in serving Me as your Creator God, the One who is far above all of the crafty inventions of peoples.

Do not go after that which will prove to be multiplied sorrows unto you and your generations. Rather follow after Me, for I am the One who gives to you all that you need in order to be kept by Me.

When you look at what I have done for you, you cannot help but be glad, for I am the One who does give you all that you need and who keeps you in the perfect peace of who I am. Therefore, in this wayward and perverse generation, do not be deceived by the idol worshipers, for they are dumb and numb by the choices they have made.

Realize beyond any shadow of doubt that it is Me the Living God who reigns and who brings down those who are rebellious and revolting in the abominations they commit daily. I do not immediately destroy all idol worshipers, simply because I am the God of mercy. However, as their abominable practices increase, watch and see that I bring down upon them what they deserve.

Realize that when men and women have filled up their cup, I do not withhold My wrath from them. Over and over, you will hear of unheard-of plagues of all kinds being given to humankind. Likewise, the “natural disasters” will come forth in greater and greater displays of My sore displeasure and irritation with their activities.

When people are boldly serving idols, they are showing themselves to be utterly foolish and blind in their idolatry. Consider that in these times, idols have taken on new dimensions as men have advanced themselves in the invention of technological devices.

You are living in times when the youth are totally fascinated with the cybernetic devices they carry around as their idols. They live entirely in another world, disconnected and disjointed, because they are choosing the ways that weary Me. This is the cause of the advancement of great wickedness and the hopelessness that permeates and eats away at life.

Because of the increase of immorality and debauchery, many are meeting with premature death and damnation. Many of these ones have made themselves into the ones who are paying oblation to vanity, and by the same are a vexation unto My standard.

Realize that I give to any and all the call to repent and return to Me as their Creator. I have provided My Son Jesus, who by His complete obedience completed His course. He opened the way of salvation unto all who would hear and obey the call to repentance.

It is indeed a tragedy when you see the youth herded into the slaughterhouses of sin by the various cultural idols they choose to follow. The end of such choices is nothing but their own destruction and of course, the eternal torments of the damned, both in this life and the life hereafter. Covered as they are by such blind idolatry, they go on and on in the pathetic course that leads them to their own demise.

I do not intend that My people would turn the very children I have given unto them over to the idols of this age. However, because they have turned to idols themselves, they are willing to release their children up to such idols to be devoured by the same. Know that I hold them accountable, for they are guilty before Me and are not well pleasing at all.

Do not succumb to the seductions that have led others astray and away from Me. Rather stay alert and alive to the discernment of the Holy Spirit, and keep the standard of My holiness and My righteousness. You are not intended to be sucked into death; you are meant to walk uprightly in the life that I give to you day by day.

Therefore, keep alert to Me as the One true God who is ever present. Remain thankful that you do not need to be under wrath, inasmuch as you are called and chosen by Me for My purposes. Keep clear and clean in your relationship with Me, and you will see My goodness made manifest day after day.

Those of you who have children, train them up in the way that is right, and know that your hands are clean in the same. As you have chosen to serve Me, admonish them to do likewise. Be glad always that I am the One who intends you to remain steady, going straight forward in Me.