Mass Takeover of Pride Shows Humanity’s Contempt for God

I speak unto you this day and I say: Let your boast be in Me, for I am the One who gives to you all of your talents, abilities, advancements. Therefore, do not be as the foolish who boast in themselves and imagine themselves to be better than they are.

It is not intended that people would worship themselves, yet in this wayward and perverse generation, that is exactly what they do. That is, they give glory to themselves instead of to Me as the One they are meant to serve, to please and obey.

Be alert to the fact that your carnality is ever lurking, wanting to take advantage of any situation or circumstance and steal the glory that belongs to Me in the same. Far too many have looked to the world and taken on the bragging, self-exalting spirits of this age. They see themselves as something that they are not and are full of pride and have great contempt for others.

I do not intend for you to be in such a mindset. Rather, I intend for you to be kept in the power of My presence as you remain in humility and give the glory unto Me in all that you do. Therefore, be glad even this day that you can persist in the way I have prepared for you as you humble yourselves unto Me and give Me the glory.

Take a look at this “modern” world. It is full of pride and arrogant flaunting, as men, women and children are strutting and proclaiming each one their own greatness. This mass take-over of pride shows contempt for what I have intended for humankind. I do not intend for My people to be caught up in the nonsense that is so common in these times, yet many of them are doing just that. They are projecting themselves to be something spectacular.

Because of idolatry of the world and its deceptions, many have succumbed to the delusion of pride and are content to remain in the same. Over and over, they go down the course that ends them in a ditch. When My people take the course of self-exaltation, they have moved away from Me and the counsel of the Holy Spirit.

Do not be concluding how great you are, when you should be in subjectivity unto Me as your Master and Lord. It is foolishness to follow after the delusion and confusion that rules the world’s people in these times. I am not at all pleased when My people follow after the folly of the world and tell themselves that they are fine in the same. However, in their delusions they refuse to face the reality that they have departed from Me. They have left the way that I intended for them and gone after the world.

Take note of what I tell you, for I am directing you in the truth that you be not deceived by your own carnality and the suggestions of the serpentine spirits of seduction. I have not intended for you to be deluded by the same lies that seduced Eve in the Garden of Eden when she fell prey to the serpent’s deceptive devices.

The liar offered her equality with Me, but she did not gain the same. Instead, she lost out with Me because of her willingness to believe the seductive suggestion as to her own potential to become a goddess. She likewise enticed her husband Adam into the same blindness, and they both were equally deceived.

Because of their transgression, they were cursed by their own choices and could no longer live in the perfection of the garden that had been their lives. When any of My people get eyes full of adultery for the world and the lies that are the very foundation of the same, they are being drawn away from Me and My intention for them. Their end is bitter and their way is hard, because they have rejected the way of life and taken up the way of death.

It is inevitable that those who give way to pride are doing so because of the issues of their own hearts. Such pride ends them in the destitution and despair that face all who have departed from their commitments and vows unto Me. My wrath, which is being exhibited upon the world at this time, is the just reward for this proud and contemptuous generation.

I am bringing down the proud, and all of those who have chosen such a category are on My list to receive My wrath, fury and indignation. Open your eyes and see the plagues and the physical and economic disasters that are befalling localities and nations. Know of a surety that these calamities are coming from Me to humble the proud and show them that they are nothing and can easily be destroyed.

However, some are so proud that they will not receive instruction and be made wise. Instead, they will go on and on in the delusion of their own madness, and only increase in the very pride that is killing them. Such ones as these will go down boasting to themselves as to how great they are. Be aware that they are not “great”; they are greatly deceived because they desire deception.

I do not have any recourse for such ones, for in their contemptuous refusal to repent and humble themselves unto Me, they choose the damnation that awaits them. I have not intended you for damnation; I have intended you for salvation and the mercies that are found in the same. Therefore, be all the more thankful that you are redeemed and that you can continue in the humility way that leads to eternal life.

There are many ways that seem right to men, yet those ways lead them to their own destruction. Be alert to reject the liars and the lies they spew forth. Do not accept their insinuations, nor their invitations to join them in the broad way that they have chosen. Remain in the straight and narrow way and live!