Perverse Rebellion Triggers God’s Wrath, Fury, and Indignation

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not be anxious, neither be fearful, for you are not alone. It is Me the Living God who has sent My Son Jesus to give you salvation as you believed upon Him. Likewise, it is Me who has sent My Holy Spirit to be indwelling, comforting, and guiding you day by day. When you are steadily looking to Me, you are kept in the midst of times that are dreadful and wicked.

My peace is ever available to those who are keeping their eyes, hearts and minds ever upon Me as their Rock of refuge. Be glad even today, for when you are hoping in Me, you are not made ashamed and you are kept. I will tell you of a surety that you are living in a generation that is very displeasing and grievous unto Me. Over and over, many have chosen the ugliness of sin above the beauty of My way.

I am full of anger and growing more enraged day by day by those who have so stubbornly resisted and refused My mercies and have chosen the idolatry of other gods. So many do not have any shame over the sins that they are committing, and they continue in such all to their own destruction and damnation.

When men, women and children go after other gods, they are choosing to be under the curses that accompany the same. The idols that they choose are dumb and unable to help them because they are the work of demonic powers. I have every right to be angry with them, because their hearts are full of the iniquity of their choices.

The multitudes who have continued in the wretchedness of the damned and know no other way of existence are living their days in anxiety and fear because there is none who really helps them. Look around you, and no matter where you are, you will see that yes, sin is abounding and is ever present on every hand.

Of course, I am in full cooperation with My Creation, which has suffered under the sinfulness of humanity, having had to endure the filthiness of the same. You will see more and more the signs of My displeasure and anger upon those who have imagined vanity and vexation and believed in lies. Yet those same ones will cry out in the agonies that they shall suffer under the natural disasters bringing them great loss and much sorrow.

Some will declare that these things have always been, and it is true; they have. Yet, when the sin that is permeating all realms of daily living becomes so influential, I must bring My wrath against the same. The boldness with which many are progressing against My standard shows the absolute perverse rebellion that they are living in and under.

If I the Living God do not take action, the whole earth will crumble under the weight of the filth and vileness that have been dumped upon her by the corruption of human beings. You are going to see all manner of demonstrations of My enraged wrath, fury and indignation being displayed upon those who think they can sin against Me and get by. More than ever, I am showing that I do not cooperate with the works of wickedness.

How few there are who listen to the Holy Spirit prophets who are full of the words of warning that I give! Most people would rather blot out the warnings and go on in their wickedness. They scoff and mock the ones who are declaring damnation, because they are full of pride and refuse to budge from the same. Believe Me, there are huge numbers of mockers and scoffers who are in hell and are daily mocked by their own words. They are in the afterlife of hell, where torment is their continual cup.

You are not called to live in torment; you are called to live in the mercies that I provide day by day. As you are partaking of My mercies, you will be uplifted and guided forth in the way that I intend. Do not grow weary in the fulfillment of the call that I have given to you. Call upon Me, and I will give you the strength that you have need of to overcome the accusations hurled against you.

Be thankful that you can see Me prevail again and again as I give triumphant truth to those who will lend their ears unto My Holy Spirit and obey the commands given to them. Despite the treachery of the wicked, you are shown the pathway of peace that is provided by Me. Walk in that pathway and know that those who have risen up against you will be dealt with by Me.

Know that vengeance belongs to Me, and all of those who have sought to bring ruination to My purposes in you will be brought to ruination and damnation. I do not withhold My fury against them, and what they have done to My true people is returned to them multiplied. Give Me the thanks and the praise all of your days because you are privileged to be redeemed from the penalty of the sins you committed.

When men and women are fully appreciative of My mercies, they will continue to receive the same and they will be multiplied and intensified. I am able to give to them exactly what they need, when they need it. Therefore, do not let anxiety and fear come upon you and terrorize you this day. I do not take you down into the destruction that besets those whose purposes are evil in My sight.

It is Me the Living God who is perpetually with My own and does not leave them alone. You do not need to fear for the present or the future; you need to keep stayed upon Me, for I am the One who cares for you and shows you who I am. Be glad even this day that you are being kept and protected by Me and that you are ever brought forth in My life.