Devil’s Death Row

I speak unto you this day and I say: Rejoice for the gift of life that you have been given. Not only are you alive in the flesh, but you are alive in the Spirit, for you have been born of incorruptible seed. How many there are who live and die and are remembered no more because they did not cherish the life I had given unto them.

Rather than spending their lives in the joy of My presence, they spent their lives in the devil’s death row. That is, they had no hope nor expectancy, only the continued devastation and decay that was their course. I do not intend for men, women and children to live in such a condition; it is that they yield to the same.

It is very important that My people choose what they will look to, what they will believe in, and what they will trust each and every day. When your eyes are focused upon Me as your God, you will know that I come to you again and again as you cry out, as you call to Me. This is a known fact, that My Spirit is ever present with you, and that you are guided in the way that I intend.

With these factors in mind, be knowing that you do not need to dread the days before you. Instead, you can rejoice for the gift of life that you have been given, because you are abiding in Me.

So often, My people are given over to anxious worries and concerns, ever seeking for help from the world and not receiving anything from them. The consequence is that they are taken into the devil’s death row and covered by the dark blanket of the same.

Do not go in the way of the damned by turning from Me and looking to the world to be your refuge. There are many who are in hell because they chose the way of the damned rather than staying true to Me and walking in the pathway of hope that I provide.

Do not look to the world and expect that the blind and belligerent in their pride will guide you or the nation into peace and prosperity. Be knowing that the guidance they give will end in destruction, because that is where they are headed due to their sins and iniquities before Me.

There is one hope for My people, and that is found in Me. It is Me the Living God who is the continual resource and strength to all who turn to Me. Thank Me that you can turn to Me, for in these times of My wrath revealed, multitudes have turned to darkness rather than light.

When you see how ugly life is for the multitudes, be thankful that I give you eternal life and that you do not have to be devoured and destroyed. You are meant to be guided forth in the pathway that is prepared for My people. Keep it in your mind when you are under pressure, that you belong to Me and that as you keep your focus clearly upon Me, you will not be taken down in the throes of torment that are so commonplace.

When people have grown lazy and hazy towards their spiritual lives, then they are easy prey for the destroyer. Actually, consider that those who are in power according to the world are out for themselves. Such as these will even make laws and proclamations that increase the number dull and dumb people who are dead in their trespasses and sins.

Just as hell has increased herself repeatedly and is still under expansion, so have many been added to the devil’s death row. Therefore, do not yield to the darkness of such a way. Be on the alert against every force that would come at you in your body, mind and spirit.

Did not My Son, when He was led into the wilderness, have to resist and refuse the devil’s input and choose life rather than death? You do the same inasmuch as you have the Holy Spirit within you and can choose resistance rather than obedience to the demonic insinuations and invitations.

This is not the time to allow self-pity to overtake you. This is the time to gird up the loins of your minds that you do not accept that which I have not intended for you to partake of. Remember that I am the One who chose you to do My will. Because you are chosen by Me, you must seek to obey Me and walk uprightly in the way that is My life. Do not seek for any other way; do not look to any other god. Keep your vision on Me as your Maker, the One who has given you life and hope.

How much time is spent partaking of the world by those who are claiming they are Mine? Over and over, multitudes yield to the world’s seductions and forget all about Me and the very fact that it is only through Me that they are given the gift of life. Nevertheless, the ones who recognize Me as their sovereign leader will not end on the devil’s death row. They will be on the highway of hope that I provide, and rejoicing to be alive in Me.

This is the day that I have made. Rejoice and be glad in it, and do not go down under the curses that are for the damned. Realize that yes, My wrath is being revealed against all who have chosen the course of their own destruction and despair. Choose each day the way that My Holy Spirit directs you in, and be made evermore glad for the same.

Do not look to live in the sadness and sorrow of regret. Live in the sweetness of the present and know that I am the One who is your Redeemer and your Refuge. You are not expected to live as clones of death, you are expected to follow the pattern of My Son, Jesus. When the enemy forces seek to pressure you, put up the shield of faith and send their curses back to them, for they are worthy of the destruction that comes to them.