Selfishness Keeps Multitudes from Salvation

I speak unto you this day and I say: Refuse the invitations that the enemy would send to you, which means that you do not listen to the liar and go in his ways, no matter how many times he invites you to do so. Know that the enemy forces will persist in their attacks if they believe that they can weaken you and overwhelm you in that state. Therefore, realize that you are engaged in a daily battle which does not go away, except you continue to refuse, rebuke, and refute the liar.

The multitude of demonic forces are increasing because My people have neglected to stand valiant for the truth. That is, they have chosen compromise and therefore allowed the erosion of My standard. The consequence is that many are swept away by the lies that are commonplace, as the demon forces are on the rise.

Consider how few there are these days in public office who really care about the people they are supposed to represent. Few and far between are concerned with those they represent. The majority are merely standing for themselves and are involved in their own increasing popularity and prosperity. Sad to say, you are living in times of great selfishness, when the concern for the common good has long since departed.

It was Me who did establish My own people in tribes in the days of old. So why would I want people to be centered only upon themselves? I did not, and I still do not want this world to be centered upon the “god of self,” yet that is exactly where the world is living.

When you behold the horrors and tragedies that are occurring every day in this sin-sick world, it is because men and women are lovers of themselves. They are choosing to love themselves, while neglecting to love Me as the One they are meant to serve.

Why it is that humans continue to deteriorate is made plain when you see that demonic powers have taken the control of the unsuspecting who have not refused the invitations given to them by demons. Because people have chosen the way of spiritual laziness, they have been taken over in a multitude of sins that have eroded their lives and left them in desolation, as they dread each day.

Sin does not uplift any people, and those who put on their false faces of happiness are inwardly desolate, and many live in depression day after day. So many times, because of accepting the wrong invitations, people enter into a web of deceit with no way out.

Lacking in instructions in righteousness, there are many of those who claim to be Christian believers who have quit following My Son. Instead, they are following the world, and lapping up the uncleanness of the same. Over and over, they accept demonic invitations. until any relationship they once had with My Son has been completely eroded and deteriorated by their sinfulness.

The harder their hearts become, the more they will resist the invitation and insistence of the Holy Spirit to them to repent. Instead, they choose more and more self-indulgence and worldly pleasures, in an effort to drown out the still small voice calling for them to turn from their sins.

Round and round they go in the circle game of sin and are taken down in the wretchedness of the same. They too become advocates of lies, as they are lying to themselves in their habits and their lies. Over and over, the cycle is repeated, and they do not turn from the very things that are killing them.

Because they are desiring acceptance and approval from the world, they resort to all manner of sinfulness and selfishness and make excuses for the same. As My true ones, do not partake of such a state of being. Do continue to steadfastly resist the invitations that would entice you into worldly behaviors and the sins that are therein.

I am greatly ashamed of the majority of the ones who claim they are My people in these times, because they are worldly wanderers. That is, they are as sheep without shepherds, who are wandering after a multitude of sins and not walking in the way that I ordain. Plainly, the shepherds have neglected to oversee and guide My sheep. This is because they are as the world’s leaders, seeking only for their own popularity and prosperity.

All of these maladies are making it quite clear that both the church and the state have sunk into the pit of self-indulgent, self-centered, and self-loving living. However, those who are in the mire of the same are not really living at all; they are dying, for they have chosen to believe the liar and his forces above Me. Is it any wonder that I the Living God have released My wrath, fury and indignation upon such a generation as this?

Know that I am fully justified in My justice, and that those who have chosen themselves above Me are rejecting repentance and wallowing in worldly rebellion against Me. The disgusting sins and perversions committed by humankind are forever before Me, and I grow increasingly angrier by the day. When I have given unto humanity all that they need to follow Me and they stubbornly sin and sin again, I will continue to release My wrath upon them and the nations that have forgotten Me.

This is the hour when My prophets are giving the call to repentance and are suffering for doing so. There are many who are righteous and have been persecuted and prosecuted by the haters of truth. Yet I have not forgotten My true messengers, and I will deliver them from the wicked. Pray for the persecuted.