Complainers Burned by God’s Fire

I speak unto you this day, reminding you that in obedience is found abundance of life. It is Me the Living God who delights to give My life unto you over and over as you obey My Holy Spirit commands to you. I do not expect that My people would reject My provision, nor do I expect them to complain against Me.

You are not called to serve any other god, nor are you to walk in any other path. Just as My people were expected to follow My commands in the wilderness as I gave them to My servant Moses, so are they likewise expected to obey My commands now. My people are not meant to be of an independent mind; they are meant to obey and follow Me wherever the Holy Spirit gives them direction.

As you recall their journey in the wilderness, they were led forth by the cloud and fire. In obedience to the sign of the cloud and fire, they were kept as strangers in a strange land, for it is Me the Living God who gave them protection and provision.

When they murmured and complained against Me, the complainers were burned up by My fire. I did not give them opportunity to continue to oppose Me and likewise bring infection to others by their discontent. It is indeed displeasing to Me when the ones who are Mine will go in the way of the damned by opposing Me. It is a shame and a sorrow that they are allowing themselves to be led by the demonic spirits rather than My Holy Spirit.

Therefore, know that as you are in right standing with Me, so are you ever uplifted and guided in the way that I have prepared, and you will be kept in the same. Likewise, be aware that you can lose your right-standing status by murmuring and complaining against Me as your Creator.

I did not create humankind for them to do as they please; they were created to serve Me as their Master and Lord. Be thankful even today that you are being led forth by a plain path each day and given My light upon that path.

There are endless multitudes who have ended in hell because they gave themselves over to following and obeying demonic spirits rather than My Spirit. Be alerted to how dangerous this is, for when any yields to discontentment in Me, they are yielding to unbelief, mistrust, and accusation against Me as their Maker. How stupid they become as they follow after the spirits that bring forth destruction to themselves and death to their souls.

There are ways that seem right to men and women in their darkened minds, yet those ways bring them death. When they choose to follow their own understanding, as did Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they are deceived and will be separated from My presence and provision. Do not seek to have your own way, for the same will prove to be deadly.

Content yourselves with following the Holy Spirit directives, and be found in My way, for the same is eternal life and will give you joy and satisfaction. It is My intention that My people be led forth and directed each day in the newness of life, partaking of the new mercies morning by morning. As they do such, they find that life is bearable and that truth triumphs.

Be thankful that through Me you are given exactly what you need, and so are you kept. Do not be governed by circumstances to the extent that you are ruled by the powers of darkness. I will always give you My light upon your path as you call upon Me to do so.

You are not meant to look for the perfect or ideal circumstance or situation and think that when you find that, you will be at perfect peace. You will not, for the same is a delusion. There is no perfect situation or circumstance. Nor are there any perfect people who will satisfy you.

Reality is this: you are not perfect, so you should not have that expectation of others. Of course, you will be finding imperfection in others, for you are imperfect yourselves. Therefore, be thankful that you can look to Me as the One you are intended to serve, and do not look to criticize Me. Be aware that you are the created; I am the Creator. It is not your place to criticize Me, nor find fault with Me as your Maker.

Those who have given themselves over to criticism of Me are proving their pride and impudence, and they will be judged for the same. Those who choose to let rebellion gnaw at them and ruin their lives will die in the choices they make against Me. While they think to find comfort in the world, they will find themselves sorely displeased again. Fools they are who chase after fools’ gold, only to see that the same is meaningless in the end.

Do not chase after that which is delusion. Keep soberly choosing and following after Me, for I am the One who cares for your souls and directs you in a plain path. Those who are choosing delusion will find that the deceit, which was so sweet, turns to bitterness in their bellies. Why should you end in bitterness because you have eaten of the devil’s bait?

Stop and ponder the consequence of your choices and hasten after truth rather than lies. I do not call you to deception; I call you to the life eternal that I give unto My Own. Therefore, be in the attitude of gratitude, knowing that I alone am the One who is your source.

There are many who are now in the grave who once followed Me, then turned aside. They met with premature death because of their assumptions that they knew more than Me. Fools who are destroyed by their folly end in the fires of hell if they do not repent. Be not wise in your own eyes, and seek for My wisdom to guide you forth in a plain path.