Watchmen Called to Warn

There is a great need in this time for those who will be My watchmen, that is, willing to declare to the wicked their need to repent and turn from the wickedness they are participating in. Likewise, if the righteous have slipped and gone after the ways of worldliness, they need warning to turn from the same and return to Me.

The shepherds have failed to be watchmen and have given themselves over to “fun, food and fellowship.” They no longer care about what happens to those who are sinning, for they themselves have given way to the erosion of sin in their own lives. They are too weak and lacking in courage, because their hearts have strayed from Me and they have gone a whoring after vanity.

Because of such neglect, multitudes die in their sins, who, had they been warned, would have turned from their wickedness. However, because the majority of My people follow blind guides, they will not take on the responsibility for their own souls and the souls of others.

Be alerted this day that you are called as watchmen if you know and see the dangers ahead. Do not be as the spiritually slothful who refuse to take up the burden for souls and only care about themselves. When you are in heaviness and sufferings yourselves, be warning of the dangers ahead. No matter how bad you are feeling in such situations, it is imperative that you warn the ones destined to damnation.

Far too many people in these times are too centered on themselves to care at all about others. Therefore, they go round and round with their own troubles, while people are dying all around them and perishing in their sins. What they fail to face is that when the forecast of the future is made known to them, the blood of the perishing is on their hands. Many will be sadly disappointed when they stand before Me and see the blood of the lost that is still on their hands.

I do not give to you the infinite mercies that you receive day by day simply for you to settle down into the “good life” and think that you remain secure in the same. I have given you mercy that you would likewise extend the call to repent to those who will have no mercy unless they repent now!

Do not be counted with the lazy ones who refuse to bear the burden. These go on in their own laziness, telling themselves that they are fine. Know that if you will take seriously the duty as watchmen, I the Living God will give you the strength and the power that you need.

When you have done as I have directed, then you are in right standing with Me. I find to be well-pleasing the laborers who do not “walk off the job.” Those who remain steadfast and unmovable at what they are called to do are kept as they are declaring the warnings as watchers.

Sad to say, there are some who have termed themselves to be “watchmen on the wall,” yet they are too busy watching their sales records, for they are in the religious game for their own gain. They are cruel hawkers, who are intense on declaring what everyone needs for physical survival in the days of My wrath. However, they are completely neglecting to declare the need for repentance to the ones who are bound in sin.

Do not join with such shysters, for they are frauds and will try to pretend that they are caring about the dying when they are not. The main concern that they are motivated by is greed. The watching they do is over other people’s money to see how much of it they can extract. They are wolves who are prowling about, seeking only for their own gain.

Nonetheless, do not give up in despair when you see the corruption that is evidenced daily in the game of religion. So it was in the days when My Son Jesus walked among the Jews. Those who were the most corrupt were of the priesthood. The priests were meant to minister what I declared; instead, they were only out for themselves.

As it was then, so is it now! Just as My Son did not quit when He saw the tremendous evils at hand, so must it be with you. Do not quit, nor neglect to give the call to repent. If the sinning do not repent, they perish in their sins, as their souls are hell bound. Also, if the ones who formerly were in right standing with Me transgress against Me, do not repent and die in their sins, they are hell bound.

It is important that those who have accepted the call to be watchers truly stay faithful and true to their calling, not looking for a way to stop. Daily be committing your words and your actions to the governing of the Holy Spirit, and be thankful that you can proclaim the truth to any and all who will hear and obey. To declare the truth is a most honorable vocation, and you are privileged to be My voice in this wicked and perverse generation.

Do not fear the wicked when they threaten or malign you, for you have cleared yourselves of responsibility when you have warned them. Realize that they are blinded fools and that their futures are in the agonies of the damned.

I do not call you to walk in the fear of humans when it is Me, and Me alone, that you are meant to fear in terms of respect and responsibility. Bear the burden with gladness, and you will find that My Spirit is ever present with you and that you can see the miracles of mercy transpire upon the transgressors.

Thank Me that you are not called to be a solo laborer. You are called to be a co-laborer, as you are in the presence of My Spirit.