Repentant and Redeemed

I speak to all peoples and nations today, and I say: Repent! Turn from the wickedness of your doings. Abandon your sins and turn to Me as the One True God who is the final judge over all humankind. When you are focused upon Me as your Master, you will see that I am merciful towards you. However, those who refuse to repent will know the wrath, fury and indignation that I am bringing.

Inasmuch as I have given My Son Jesus as the propitiation for the sins of all men, women and children, yet they persist and insist on sinning, why is this so? It is because they are stubborn and willful, and the nations have forgotten Me. How utterly dumb and dull they have become, for their hearts are far from Me and they continue in the course of their own destruction.

It is Me the Living God who has sent My Son into the world, that all peoples could hear and choose the way of salvation. Likewise, it is intended that the nations would repent and return to Me, knowing that it is only through mercy that they remain.

There are endless peoples, tribes and nations that have been destroyed for their wickedness and are remembered no more. However, when I have sent forth My Son Jesus, it is that multitudes would repent and come forth in Me as their Creator.

Since I sacrificed My Son, and He in turn gave His life as a ransom for many, it greatly offends Me when peoples and nations refuse His sacrifice. Therefore, I must bring down My wrath upon them for the sinfulness of their doings. This is because they have refused My merciful remedy for their sin-sick lives.

Be thankful that you have been given the opportunity to come forth in the way that I ordain and that you are in the walk of salvation, following in the steps and pattern of Jesus Christ. Likewise, you are privileged to be partakers of the Holy Spirit and to know that the same is ever available to guide you forth in the walk, the way of salvation.

As you are freed from the slavery of sin and the darkness of impending damnation, be rejoicing daily to know that I have given you tender compassion. In return, give the glory unto Me, for I do not withhold any good thing from you as you walk uprightly.

Bear witness of Me to the ones who are bound in slavery to sin, and declare to them My call to repentance. Inasmuch as they are bound in darkness, they are needy of the light that only comes through Jesus, for He is the light given to the world. Of course, you will see the hardness of the hearts of the perishing multitudes. Nevertheless, there are those who will hear and obey the call to repent and they will do so, thereby being freed from the inevitable damnation that awaited them.

I do not intend that My own people, saved by the blood of Jesus, would settle down to live selfishly, thus forgetful of the ones who are bound by the chains of sinfulness and wretched in those sins. No, My intention is that those who have been set free from slavery would reach back to those who are still in the prison houses of sin and death.

The times you are in are full of darkness and decadence because My own people have neglected to fulfill the commission given to them by My Son, Jesus. They have chosen to go in the way of worldliness and feed themselves on the spiritual junk food which justifies their selfish and indulgent lifestyles.

I do not find pleasure in the ones who are worshiping themselves while claiming they love Me. As My people are choosing to indulge their carnal lusts, they are living in the wretchedness of the world. While they may enjoy the fleshly pleasures, their hearts are hard, and they are wretched before Me.

Why not choose the way that Jesus has instructed and by the same be found well pleasing unto Me as your Father, your Creator? It is all the more important that you know and understand that I have brought you forth through the guidance of My Holy Spirit.

Therefore, do not imagine that the way My Son has instructed is “too hard.” It is not. Be all the more glad that you do not need to pursue the course of despair, but you can share the Good News, and as you do, you are enriched and increased.

Whenever the Holy Spirit directs you in the way, take that way with gladness. Be rejoicing, for My way is indeed the way of eternal life, joy, and peace. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived and taken down into the wretchedness of selfishness, for such is a death trap set up by the snares of enjoyment and entertainment. Why choose to indulge in selfishness and be devoured by demonic powers that inhabit the lusts of all flesh?

Choose wisely and you will know My blessedness given to you over and over, and you will flourish in the same. I never called you to follow after the folly of fools. I have called you to receive instruction and be made wise through godly living. There is no reason to be as the stubborn fools who are drunk on the love of themselves.

Realize that your old nature is ever present, desiring you to be returned to bondage and the chains of sin. This is because the end of carnality is death, and “the old boss” wants you back under slavery as you depart from the way of life eternal.

Do not be deceived by your carnal minds. Stay under the mind of My Spirit, not walking in the lust of the flesh, nor choosing the way of the damned. Remain repentant and redeemed!