Be Replenished, Refreshed, and Restored by God

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be valiant for the truth, for you are called to stand in and proclaim the same. Even though the wicked have spread themselves out in proud array, know that they shall not prevail against My true ones. It is Me the Living God who will prevail against all the powers of the wicked as My people trust themselves to Me and do not focus upon the darkness of these days.

I do not call you to be overwhelmed by the plots, schemes, and actions of the wicked. Remember, you are living in the times of My wrath being revealed against the wicked. With this knowledge, know that you are called to be overcoming and prevailing in and through Me. Although these are times of great darkness, I will give you the light that you have need of.

Do not think that the way that things are is the way that I have intended them to be. I do not advocate that men, women, and children would end in hell because they are led to their own destruction by the forces of evil. I prefer that they turn from evil and invest their lives in righteousness as they repent unto My Son, Jesus. However, there are multitudes who will stubbornly refuse salvation and go in the way of damnation.

When you see such stubbornness revealed, rejoice that you are redeemed and that you are in the ark of safety. These are times of tribulation, and many are living with fear as their constant companion. This is because the wicked appear to be in rule. However, if you walk in the surety that I am the Almighty, you will be guided in the perfect peace that is available.

When you look at your own situations and want to be wearied by the appearance of the same, remember that it is not by your strength or power; it is by My strength that you prevail. Look to Me and know that I am able to supply to you all that you have need of. I do not call you to think that your strength is in numbers, for the strength comes of Me.

I do not want My people to be as the foolish ones of this world, who are ever exalting themselves because they believe that they can do exactly as they please. Those who are believing such lies are deceived by the darkness of their own minds.

You are meant to know, understand, and see over and over that your strength comes of Me as you walk uprightly in My way. It is Me the Living God who builds as it pleases Me. I choose the stones who fit in the building, and I place them where it pleases Me.

Therefore, do not be concerned with how many of you there are. Remember it is Me who can provide for you those who will prove to be valiant for the truth. Such as these will not have to be dragged along. They will be more than eager to be a part of My forces who are waging war against the wicked.

If you recall, the armies of Saul far outnumbered the army of David, yet David’s men were fantastic fighters. This is because they did not give up at the thought of being vastly outnumbered. Instead, they continued steadfast in their determination to see David rule as king.

These men were not personally acquainted with David. It was Me who motivated them to join themselves to him. I can and will do the same for you as you continue steadfast in the battle against the wicked forces of death and damnation.

Therefore, realize that in essence the battle is not yours, but it is Mine, and I will use the tactics and strategies that are pleasing to Me. Thank Me even this day that as you remain true to Me, you will see Me prevail and the enemies defeated. Be glad that daily, My Spirit will lead and guide you forth in the way that is intended.

As you are remaining in obedience to the mind of My Spirit, you will see that I bring you victory after victory. Realize that I am the Most High God and that I prevail over all powers of the forces of darkness. You are not meant to believe their fabrications and crafty inventions whereby many are held in the fear bondage. Rather, you are meant to keep looking unto Me and knowing that I AM who I say that I am. By trusting yourselves to Me, you will experience the perfect peace that is promised to those whose vision is stayed upon Me.

When you are led by My Spirit in any situation, know that it is by that same Spirit that you will be given the strategies and tactics necessary to prevail. Consider that you are being led forth and can be conquering rather than being conquered. Have not I declared that this is the time of My wrath being revealed upon the wicked? Therefore, do not live in the fear of them; live in faith in Me as the All-Powerful God who remains standing and who shall prevail over all the powers of darkness.

Be knowing that I am ever present, and I do not desert My people in the midst of the battle, for My Spirit is with them in the same. Do not turn to any other way, any other god. Rely upon Me, and you shall be victors, not victims.

There is no reason to think that any shall prevail against you. They shall not. Even when it appears that you have been crushed, remember that it is Me who will grind the enemies to powder and cause them to be blown in the wind. Long after they are gone and forgotten, My true people will march onward in My way.

Be replenished, refreshed, and restored by My presence, for I am the Living God, and I delight to show forth My presence and My power to the obedient ones who are stayed upon Me.