Choose Mercy or Misery

I speak to you this day and I say: Be at peace with Me. It is very important that you remain at peace with Me, for I am your Maker. You are living in times of unbelief and hatred towards Me. Multitudes have taken themselves down the road of rebellion towards Me. Then they are entrenched deeply in the despair that comes as the consequence of rebellion. It is foolishness to rebel and think there are no consequences.

In these days of spiritual sloth and laziness, is it any wonder that multitudes will find themselves empty and in great desolation of soul? Do not be named among them, but keep your vision single unto Me, for this is the way that you are kept from the many enticements that take you down to death.

It is My joy to keep My people in the safety of who I am and to direct them in divine wisdom and guidance. I so desire and long for My own people to be kept as I am revealing My wrath upon the evildoers who have chosen the way of the damned. It is with goodness that I guide the ones who remain true in their commitments and vows unto Me and do not stray away and go after the ways of the world.

Know that the destroyer and his demonic forces are ever present, seeking to disturb multitudes and take them into gross darkness and deception. This is because the agenda of the wicked one does not change. It remains ever present, and many perish under the same.

As My true ones, be ever active in witnessing to others of the salvation mercies that are found through My Son, Jesus. Warn the wavering. Call to the sinners to come unto Him and to abandon the lies that hold them in captivity and bondage.

Many have chosen to wander and then, because of such choices, they are joined to like-minded dullards who believe they find “something.” They find nothing except the course of degradation, the multitudes who have given up on life. These desire nothing more than the next drink or drug as they drag themselves along day by day. These ones are living off of a sinking system and do not even care whether they live or die in many instances.

Such miseries are the consequence of rebellion against Me. It is the demons that are multiplied in these times who stir up people against Me and cause them to be in deep rebellion. Because multitudes have refused to fight for their own souls, they are taken down the pathway of destruction, and there they die.

Know for a fact that many are the encampments of the ones who are living in wretchedness and despair, and such camps are daily expanding. It is as is written: hell enlarges herself. So it is that those who are living in hellish conditions are there because of their choices.

These have chosen to lose and actually exist as losers day by day, without any desire for change. This is because they literally love darkness and degradation, drunkenness, debauchery, and increasing despair. Because all of these are in the multitudes of the damned, there is no hope or vision to be found among them.

While some of them welcome death because of their misery, they fail to realize that without salvation, they are headed to damnation of their souls. If they believe they are miserable now, greater miseries await them in the agonies of the damned.

Thank Me this day that you do not have to take up such ways of life and somehow believe that you find peace in the same. There is no peace given to the wicked, who are vexed day and night. The peace that is provided by Me is given to the ones who have made their peace with Me.

That means in essence that they are not choosing the broad way, for they are satisfied to be led forth in the straight and narrow way. Do not rebel against Me, nor resent Me, but be knowing that I do care for you as your loving Father and the One who wants you in My family.

This day, consider the growing number of wanderers throughout the land whose desire is for more darkness and despair. Rebellion rules them with an iron fist, and they hate the very mention of repentance. Why are they in such a wallow of wretchedness?

There are many things that could be blamed as the reason. The true reason is they love themselves more than they love Me. Even though they may even mention My name in passing, it is themselves that they love and are serving.

There is no reason for you who are truly dedicated to Me to be in such miseries. There is every reason to be in obedience and adherence unto Me. Each day, choose to be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit mind, thankful for the same. Know of a surety that you are insured in mercy when you look to Me and walk My way.

Think of all of the enticements, traps, snares and entanglements that are all about, and know that you do not have to be taken in the same. As you follow the commands of My Spirit, you are kept in the way of life and not dragged down into the despair of the damned awaiting death.

As you see My wrath being revealed against the wicked, know that this is the time to keep yourselves in Me and not choose to flirt with the world and all of her enticements. Be glad that you are found in the infinite mercies that I give, for you have chosen mercy above misery.