God’s Rage of Wrath

I would ask you this day: Do you realize how powerful I am? It is Me the Living God who reigns supreme over all the nations, over all of the powers of human governments. I am over all of My creation, and I reign supreme. All of the gods are dead, yet I reign supreme because I am superior to all of the gods of men who have been invented by demonic inspiration. When such gods have crumbled and the nations that worshiped them have disappeared, know that I remain as the Almighty.

Therefore, do not doubt Me. Believe Me, for I am who I say that I am, and when I give My divine justice, rejoice for the same. There is no reason to fear when it is Me that you serve, for I remain invincible and I keep the ones who desire Me as their Master and Lord. In these times when the wicked think they have gained control over My people, it is not so, for they like the grass shall wither and die and be blown away.

When I declare that it is My time to bring down the wicked, it is just that. This is because multitudes throughout the ages have been brought down by My hand of justice, and they are remembered no more. Some I have brought to ruination, giving them time to repent. Others, I have destroyed swiftly because of the hardness of their hearts and their intention to sin and sin some more. So it is that I find no pleasure in those who pursue the course of wickedness and flaunt the same.

Be thankful today that even though you are living in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation, it is Me the Living God who keeps you in My ark of safety. When I give forth My commands to My creation, the same is in subjectivity to Me and hears My voice. All of the created beings that inhabit the earth, except for humankind, hear My voice and obey. It is only those who are resisting Me and going in the way of their own understanding who are taken into the rage of My wrath made manifest throughout the earth.

When you are coming forth in the revelation revolution, you are under the realization of My awesome, almighty presence and how imperative it is that you seek to remain in the same. Upon seeing the disaster, the devastation, the destruction and death that can befall humanity at the utterance of My voice, you will walk in the respect of Me as your Maker. It is absolutely true that there is none who is comparable to Me, and there is no human government that rules over Me.

As My people, you are meant to keep in mind that I remain supreme, and there is no way that men can do away with Me, no matter how hard they may try. There are those who in their pride and impudence have risen up and declared that I am dead. However, they are the ones who die and go to hell and are remembered no more. Be thankful that you are not under the persuasion of unbelief, which is deadly. Rather, you are privileged to be under My sovereign rule and to know that I remain as the eternal, ever inhabiting the heavenly realms.

Be thankful that you are not in subjectivity to the governments whereby men and women believe that they rule. They do not, for in their blatant and belligerent denial of My powers they are proven to be blinded fools. All that they have established shall be ended and if I so choose, all remnants of the same destroyed. Therefore, let it be Me that you keep your focus upon continually, for I do not desire you living in the stupidity of carnality.

Know that men, even in their best state, are dull and dumb because they are bound in idolatry of all kinds, and the worst is the worship of themselves. In the idolatry of “self,” men and women are held in captivity by their own carnality. Their lives are spent in attempting to prove that they are something great, even greater than I. The truth of it is that they are nothing more than the tumbling weeds blown about by the desert winds and waiting to be burned.

Therefore, do not be entangled and entrenched in the uncleanness that is found under the rule of the wicked. Keep a clear head, in the sense that you are allowing yourselves to be guided, directed, and brought forth under the mind of My Spirit. As you are ever present in the mind of My Spirit, you will be led forth by a plain path and you will be given the infinite mercies that come of Me.

Therefore, do not be quick to assume that the ways of the heathen are better than My way in any given situation or circumstance. They absolutely are not, and never will be. The wisdom of the wise men of this world is foolish before Me, and it is My Spirit that reveals the emptiness of the same.

My Spirit mind is given to you when you desire to be ruled by Me, and the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth in a world of deceit. Be glad even this day that you are not taken in the darkness of these days and overwhelmed by the same. Rather, you are and can be continually uplifted and brought forth in My righteousness and My holiness.

My standard is pure, and I desire My people to be made pure by adhering to the same. I do not intend that My people would be taken down in the filthiness of the world, nor giving way to the world’s rule over them.

Remember that you are pilgrims and that you are not to be taken in the course of destruction and devastation which is the end of carnal rule. Be aware that this earth is not your eternal abode, for you are only traveling through. Keep focused upon Me as the One you are intended to follow each day.