Warning: Repent or Perish Under God’s Wrath

I speak this day and I say that no matter how many men and women rise up in their arrogance and declare that I am not, I say that I AM, for it is Me the Living God whose power remains over all generations, and while men and women imagine that they do not have to serve Me, they are literally foolish children who have chosen the way of their own destruction.

In these days when I am bringing forth My wrath, fury and indignation upon the peoples and nations of this earth, there are multitudes who will die in the calamities. The death toll rises because of the refusal of repentance. How dull and dumb people have become in these godless times, as they stubbornly refuse to repent. They go on in the delusions of their own imaginations, being consumed by the darkness they have desired.

It is not to My pleasure to devastate and destroy, yet, because of the pride and abominable practices of those who think they are fine, I am forced to bring My wrath upon them. This I do to cut them down to size, that they realize that they are mere people, and they are not equal to Me. Those who are believing that they are greater than I, or simply that I do not exist, are blinded by the god of this world. In that outright blindness, they are choosing to be devoured and destroyed, for they are the damned.

The more that people advocate and walk in the devil’s agenda, the more that they are consumed by the ugliness of the same. It is not My intention that men and women be consumed; it is their own choices and sins that take them there. As Adam and Eve were given the truth by Me, they are the ones who chose to believe lies. In choosing lies, they choose the way of banishment and hardship. So it is now. Those who are choosing to partake of lies rather than resist the liar and his lies, are choosing their own troubles.

When you look upon the ones who have chosen deception above truth, know that they are fools. Their common trait is that they want the delusion, confusion, and crisis that they have invited to themselves. In their thirst for attention, they are proving how much they love themselves. These ones have chosen to magnify themselves and put on vain shows to draw more and more attention to “how great they are.”

However, the fact is they are greatly deceived and want to be deluded. Once people start practicing lies, they will find the same to be addictive, and there are those who are compulsive liars, that is, even in situations where it is not to their advantage, they will lie just because they have become addicted to the same. Realize that anyone who bites the forbidden is biting into misery, and their miseries are increased and multiplied.

When you hear of their miseries, know that they are the ones who invited to themselves the cup of bitterness and rantings they drink daily. Some who oppose Me have become like rabid dogs, foaming at the mouth. They are spewing out their bitterness and ranting incoherently in their attempts to prove that I am wrong. Over and over, they fulfill the enemy’s plan for them, which is corruption, destruction, death, and damnation of their souls.

Open your eyes and you will see that I have removed My blessings upon the fools who have chosen their folly. I give to them the wrath, fury, and indignation that brings them to the point of emptiness in this life and damnation in the life to come. When men are empty, they are easily consumed by the wicked forces because they have no resistance to the same. Just as some diseases utterly consume the strength and life flow of those who have contacted them, so are sin and unbelief such consuming forces.

As I have declared many times and will declare again, this is the time of suffering, affliction, and woe to those who have forgotten Me and chosen to go down the death row. Be thankful even now that you can be serving Me and knowing that I will give to you the way that is victory, for I do not withhold any good thing from you.

It is My joy to see that My people are serving Me and are not allowing themselves to be consumed in the calamities of these times. Therefore, know of a certainty that through Me you are given the power and the glory that comes to those who have chosen Me as the One they serve.

When the devastation of nations is going on, cling to Me as your Rock of refuge. I will prove to be the high tower of safety whereby you can be kept till the raging storm of My wrath has passed by.

Know of a surety that you are intended to have your lives extended. This is so that you are enabled to proclaim to the generations yet unborn My mercies and My powers shown forth to the righteous. Likewise, you may recall to them the wrath you have witnessed poured forth upon the godless, proud, defiant, demonically controlled deviates, who chose to go in the way of their own destruction.

Be thankful that you can know what it is to see My vengeance poured forth upon those who love themselves, and how that I will effectuate their demise. When you are beholding My wrath, you will realize how important it is that you walk each day in the fear of Me. When you are respecting Me as your Maker, you are saying in essence that you want life above death.

Many are the sorrows of those who turn aside, and those sorrows follow them in the agonies of the damned. The torments they will undergo are never lifted, and they are locked into the prison houses of their own iniquities.