Warning: Impending Wrath Coming to Wicked Persons and Nations

I speak forth this day the warning and the call to repentance, for it is needful that all evil people would turn from their wicked ways. I say this because My wrath has been kindled and I am pouring forth My vengeance on the nations of this earth. The time of My vindication is here, inasmuch as I am thoroughly disgusted with the uncleanness and perversity of the multitudes who have chosen darkness and walk in the same.

There is only so long that I tolerate the wicked behaviors of men, women and children. Then I come, turning upon them with My furious vengeance and hatred for their deeds of evil. When you hear those who are doing evil make proud declarations of the same, be aware that they are inviting My wrath upon themselves and upon their offspring.

As I look at the blood of the innocents that has been and is still being shed throughout the earth, know that I am thoroughly disgusted and wearied with the sinful state that so many have sunk into. In the creation of humankind, they were made after Our image and likeness. Never was the original intention to have people given to such violence, bloodshed, and overt horrendous behavior as is, and has been evidenced.

Repeatedly, I have demonstrated to the sons of men that I am displeased and angered by their vileness and their actions of iniquity. Yet, as blind men led by blind leaders, they have refused to turn from their wickedness and turn unto Me as their Creator.

They are impudent and defiant, full of their own ways and their own understandings, which are darkened. When I see them in their corruptions, their perversions, and their overt displays of blatant sin, I take no pity on them in delivering My wrath.

The earth itself is covered in the filthiness of the sins of the inhabitants. So will this very earth cry out in upheavals against the complete wickedness of all who are participating in such deeds. Yes, you can expect to see earthquakes present themselves with much devastation and destruction.

Likewise, do not be shocked when you hear of volcanic eruptions. I will send tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, floods and fires. While some will be overwhelmed with floodwaters, others will cry out for the extreme droughts they are under. Plagues of serious magnitude will be steadily unleashed upon humankind.

Yet, sad to say, the multitudes will not repent. Basically, their inward declaration is that they would rather die than change their ways. They will receive what they have declared. Not only will they die because of their refusal to repent and change their ways; they will face hell after they die.

When you consider how lightly men and women regard human lives in these times, why is it so? The reasons are many, yet the main cause is because people have neglected to recognize Me as the Almighty and to walk in the way that I have intended and ordained for them. I am the One who has made mankind upright; they have sought out many inventions, and the same has taken them nowhere except to their own destruction.

Do not mourn in false compassion for the wicked when you see My vengeance displayed. Since My ways are higher than your ways, be aware that I do what must be done against the ungodly. Those who have decided to walk afar off from Me will go in the way of their own destruction. I do not invent reasons for My wrath revealed, for the deeds of wickedness are evident in these times, and those who are demonically purposed will receive their due rewards.

My people are not meant to be among the wicked. I have called them unto Me and desire them to walk in My way, which is righteousness and holiness. When the ones who are declaring they are Mine conduct themselves in the way that I have ordained, they are well pleasing. When they do not, then they are judged as the wicked doers.

It is sad to see how many have departed from Me, for their love for Me has grown cold. No longer do they seek Me, nor desire My counsel.

These ones are a shame unto My name and do not reflect the light, the life, and the love of My kingdom. Because they are feeding off of the world, they are feeding off of that which is destructive, and it is inevitable that they will be destroyed by their own choices.

Let it be Me that you choose and continue to look to as your Creator. As you see and hear of the world-wide display of My displeasure, do not regret or make apologies for Me. Believe Me when I say that I am the Almighty God who remains. Yes, when the inhabitants of the earth have come and gone, and the departed nations have ended in ruination, know that I remain.

With this knowledge in mind, do not fear the rulers of wicked nations, for they themselves are wicked and they plot against the just. However, I will continue to guide you forth by a plain path as you keep your identity steady in Me. Be thankful even this day that you do not need to be found among the rebellious wicked ones who have refused to turn from their evil. You can find your peace in Me if you keep your vision steadily upon Me, for I do not leave nor forsake you.

Yes, it is a good thing to know that I am with you and ever present through My Holy Spirit to guide you forth in the way of safety. Remember that it is Me who provides the protection to the ones who are respecting My rule.