Humans Without God Are no Better than Animals

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful that it is Me the Living God who has given to you the opportunity to be revealed, meaning in essence that My Holy Spirit overshadows you and reveals the darkness of your hearts that you can see your utter need of Me. It is a great privilege to be revealed in the true light. Know that in and of yourselves you are wretched creatures who are unable to permanently change.

I do not intend that My people would assume that they are “good people” who have achieved. I intend that My people would know of a surety that they are needy each day of My guidance and instruction over them. Sad to say, many, after they are converted and have been cleaned up outwardly, neglect to allow themselves to be cleansed inwardly.

When people refuse to know truth in their inward parts, they are basically declaring that they are “good” while they are rotten within. If they choose to resist the conviction of the Holy Spirit, they basically come up inadequate in terms of how they appear before Me. While they are able to put on an outward show of religion, their hearts are far from Me. I desire My people to walk humbly before Me each day by keeping their hearts and their lives open to conviction and correction.

Be glad even this day that you are not sealed in the “religious mode” of outward display of piety without conviction and conversion inwardly. My people are not meant to settle into the hypocrites’ display, wherein people are full of pride and pretentious behavior.

There are multitudes who receive the incorruptible seed of Jesus Christ, My Son. They spring up in newness of life and follow in His steps for a time and a season. Then, when the winds of adversity blow upon them, they wither in their relationship unto Him. No longer do they seek for Him; rather, they seek the world.

In these times when My wrath, fury and indignation are being revealed, far too many of My people are seeking their refuge in the world and the entertainments of the same. They allow their minds to wander and follow the darkness and iniquity of the world. By not allowing My Holy Spirit’s conviction over them, they give way to the pressures of adversity.

Inwardly, they take up worldliness and evil imaginations. While outwardly they put on a show of religiosity, they actually become hypocritical mockers pursuing their own lusts. They are secret in their sins, and this is because of their religious affiliations. Yet their hearts are hard towards Me.

They assure themselves that they are justified because of the darkness of the times. They do not follow in the steps of My Son, and they despise all sufferings for His Name. The more that they seek for the world’s vanities and entertainments, the more they depart from the commitments they once made in sincerity. They are the ones who wither and, like the flower that fades, so do they fade away as believers.

As time progresses, many of them even give up the outward display of religion and take on worldliness to such an extent that they are a shame unto My name. Some of them become absolutely reprobate and take up the cause of proving how unjust and wicked I am. This they do to justify their own backsliding and unbelief.

However, I am not shaken by them, for they are dead branches who are gathered up and are waiting to be burned in hell’s fires. Over and over, this pattern displays that they are no better than animals, and their behaviors are inspired by demonic influences. I do not call them to such a place, yet they go there of their own accord. This is because they have not allowed the inward purification of their hearts to transpire.

Beware the spirits of religiosity, for they are deceptive and will entice many into the web of hypocritical pretension. Once believers are entangled in the entertainments of the world, they are plagued by the same. They become “star gazers,” wherein they are following the world’s celebrities who are outright and wicked sinners doing the deeds of darkness.

Repeatedly, those who once were upright become degraded and defiled by what they feed off of. They resist repentance and despise the conviction of My Holy Spirit. Such behavior as they manifest before Me is because they have turned from the way of righteousness and have gone in the broad way of darkness. All the while, they excuse themselves and justify their deeds of darkness.

The truth of the matter is that many are in such a place because they literally want to escape the narrow way. This is because they have believed the lies of the liar and wanted to have “some fun.” However, the fun they are choosing is the folly of fools, and they will end up destroyed by the same. While they imagine that they can go on in their folly and still be all right with Me, they are deluded and deceived.

No matter the time or the season, I desire My people to walk uprightly in Me and not take up the contamination of the world all around them. In the days of old, when My people took up the contamination of the heathen round about, they departed from Me. So it is in these times. When My people are giving way to the contamination of the world, they are setting themselves up for damnation.

Why go into the contamination that is damnation just to be entertained for a time and a season? Resist, refute, and refuse to be brought down into the cesspool of sin by believing the liar. Thank Me for the truth.