Listen to God – See Enemies Defeated

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is imperative that you listen to Me, for I alone am your Maker. When you will pay heed to the Holy Spirit speaking to you, then you will be guided in the way that I do intend for you to come forth in. My way is not defeat; rather, My way is Victory. I have never intended that My people would be continuously victimized by the enemy forces, yet they are, because they take up other gods. The gods they worship are alien, foreign gods.

I have declared it to My people again and again that they are not to worship any other gods, and I am angered when they do. Because of idolatry, My people are taken into captivity, slavery and bondage, wherein they are forced to serve each day in desperation and destitution of soul. Their conditions are the result of disobedience, as they are bowing unto the gods that are dead and imagining they are all right with Me.

When you consider that I am the Creator of all life, including human beings, why would I want My people bowing to gods that have been made by the hands of men and women? Such gods are dead. They cannot see, they cannot hear, nor can they speak. What pleasure do I find in such a people who turn to other gods and refuse to listen to Me? I find no pleasure in them because they have chosen death above life.

These are times when My own people are refusing and have refused to listen to Me. They have listened to voices other than Mine and sought their counsel of Egypt. Inasmuch as My people have played the whore on Me, they suffer for the same. Their children and grandchildren are likewise under the punishment they have gravitated unto themselves. Repeatedly, such problems are made evident because of their choices against Me.

Do not be as the stubborn proud ones who have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks against Me. These ones are absolute fools, for they are choosing to bow to idols and offend Me by the same. Then, when I allow the enemies to beat them down, they remain as victims because they are not listening to Me as their Maker. They are dull and dumb because of the idolatry they have given themselves unto.

You are not called to be dull and dumb, nor are you called to be stiff-necked and proud. You are called to be ever subject to Me, for I am the One who does care for you and protect you. Conclusively, it has been declared and established throughout the known history of humanity that My way is superior. The way that I have given for men, women and children to live in and follow is the way that is eternal life.

Thank Me that you are led forth as you follow the commands and directives of My Holy Spirit. It is a good thing to know that I am your Keeper and the One who protects you from all harm. Be ever more glad to rely upon Me and know that through Me you are provided with My mercies as they are new every morning. Be profusely blessed and encouraged as you receive those mercies.

You are not intended to listen to the ungodly and obey their counsel. You are called and purposed for Me as your Maker, your Keeper, your Creator. Do not be deluded under the spell of wicked spell casters, who are mediums of death and damnation. You are to be under My truth revealed, for the same will set you free. When you are freed, you are meant to be serving Me with gladness and thanksgiving because I have given you all that you need.

The enemy forces will attempt to zap you of strength time and again and make you mentally and physically exhausted. Do not accept such wretched coverings over you. Instead, be quick to refuse, resist and refute the same. Cry out unto Me, for I am your strength, your refuge, your Rock. When it is Me that you are calling unto, I say that I hear you and I answer you.

Most certainly, those who have gone a whoring from Me are paying for their play and their abominations. Their sufferings and sorrows are multiplied, as they have chosen the same. All who listen to the wicked messengers and obey their dictates are setting themselves up. This means that they incur My wrath because they choose abomination and are taken down under the same.

There are so many messengers and mediums of death and damnation in these times. Be aware that you are not meant to be subject to them, for they have the agenda of the wicked to fulfill. My agenda is to give to My true ones abundance of life, love and light. The goodness that I have prepared for My people, they are meant to receive and be glad for the same.

When you keep your vision single, you are led forth by a plain path and given all that you need each day. In the attitude of gratitude, you will see that the freedom road is the way that I do provide for you. It is foolishness to return unto bondage because of spiritual slothfulness and outright laziness before Me.

Keep alert and alive, ever active in Me, for I bear rule over you. Be knowing of a certainty that when you will listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, you are tuned into Me. Do not lend your ears to the demons that attempt to swarm you and overtake you with lies. Listen to Me as the One who is well able.

I show repeatedly My superiority to the ones who are in attentiveness to Me. Be in willing submission as you listen to Me and love Me for the tender mercies that you are daily receiving from and through Me.