God’s Wrath Revealed – Self-Pity on the Rise

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I say that there are many sorrows yet to come because men, women, and children have forgotten Me. When the nations that once honored Me turn from Me, the people suffer. History has proven the fact that without Me, humans are taken in the way of decadence and destruction.

Open warfare in the streets, severe economic problems, despotic rulers, plagues raging, lying, cheating, and stealing are common occurrences. Audacious and proud perversion, even to the point of the advocacy of child molestation, violence, abuse and murder are everyday manifestations of the debauchery in the land. Nothing is sacred anymore.

When you see all of these things happening, do not be shocked nor fearful, for I have sent My prophets declaring such impending woes. As is evident, few and far between have heard what I have declared through My messengers.

Quite plainly, the multitudes have chosen to walk in the way of vile and reprobate behaviors. While the prophets have spoken against their sins, they have refused the call to repent, then they have sought to retaliate against the mouthpieces that I have ordained and to cause them harm.

Know that such conditions as these do not improve, they only worsen. The consequence: dread, misery, suffering, affliction, and woe become the way of existence. People live in fear continually and dread to face another day upon earth. Some even cry out for death, but are denied the same.

As the miseries are multiplied, the multitudes harden their hearts all the more against Me. There are those who curse Me, declaring that I am not, and rise up in hatred and bitterness against Me. They become active accusers of Me and will do anything to prove how unjust they think I am.

All of these ugly traits are showing that men without Me are simply unable to function in a way that is beneficial. Because of the cancerous nature of sin, it spreads and increases at alarming rates, and endless humans are defiled and destroyed by the same. It is not Me who originates such terrible times of pain and suffering. The same is what people bring forth by their attitudes and their actions.

However, you may be assured that I the Living God will not depart from the ones who are living their lives for Me. When any people stay true to Me, it is Me who does protect and shield them from all that seeks to destroy them. I lift them up into the multiplied mercies that I alone do bring, and I give them the strength to endure. Therefore, do not let dread and fear be your companions. Let it be Me that you look to as your rock of refuge.

It is only the foolish who continue in folly when it is evident that I have turned away My favor from them. Because of the very nature of pride, there are many who find themselves locked in the prison houses of despair, yet they will not and cannot find the place of repentance. This is the consequence of continually hardening their hearts against Me and choosing to self-destruct by bad behaviors and choices in opposition to Me.

Thank Me repeatedly that I am the One who gives you life, love, and light. With such, you are enabled to endure, and made victors instead of being victims. Through My extended mercies, you will see how much I care for you, as you have dedicated yourselves unto Me.

The life of obedience unto Me is not without sufferings. However, I have given you My Holy Spirit to give you comfort in the same. I have likewise shown to you tender and continual compassion that others around you do not receive. Do not be assuming that your situation is unbearable or horrible, as I have My goodness extended to you and do not fail to give you the same.

When you find self-pity wanting to rule your thoughts, refuse and refute the same. Self-pity is very destructive and will cause any who yields to the same to accuse others and to accuse Me. Those who give way to self-pity will find themselves devoured and destroyed by a monstrous force that takes over. Consider these warnings and be alerted to be on guard against self-pity, and do not succumb to the same.

Thank Me and praise Me even this day that you are given hope through Me and do not have to live in hopeless despair and emptiness. Whenever you feel the emotions that will destroy your soul trying to rule your thoughts and your actions, realize that the enemies are at work against you. You are not meant to be governed by demonically inspired emotions and thoughts; you are meant to be controlled by the mind of My Spirit.

Therefore, be quick to receive the Holy Spirit commands and directives, and do not shun the discerning of spirits. When you are given discernment of spirits, realize that the same is to keep you from going down under the swarm of demons that attack you. I do not call you to be destroyed; I call you to be uplifted, brought forth, and guided in the way that is eternal life.

This day and every day, get your attitude and actions in alignment with Me. Rather than murmuring and complaining, give Me thanks and praise as you are maintaining the attitude of gratitude. Count the many blessings that I give to you, and realize that such come only from Me. The joy that I can give you is ever available unto you.

Therefore, do not be pitying yourselves, for without My mercies you would be dead and in hell even now. Do not take lightly the salvation you have been given through the sacrifice of Jesus, My Son. Resist self-pity, refuse accusation, refute unbelief. Be alive in Me!