Those Serving Other Gods Are Under the Destroyer

I speak to you this day and I say: In remaining true and faithful unto Me, you will find that I don’t withhold anything good from you. It has been and remains My intention to give goodness unto My people. Even when there is great adversity upon the land, I will keep My own because they are true to Me and walk in obedience unto My way. Thank Me that in the times of hardship, high costs, confusion, and great delusion, I am the One who is ever present with you.

When My people turn wholeheartedly over to Me the rule over their lives, they will find themselves being led in the steps of My Son, Jesus. Over and over, I will bless them with My mercies. Those whose hearts are to Me and their hands are to work for My kingdom will find true satisfaction, in the sense that nothing shall separate them from Me.

I have given to My people the Holy Spirit so that they are ever guided forth in the truth that is My intention for them. Under the counsel of the indwelling Holy Spirit, those who are true are enabled to thank Me repeatedly for the infinite goodness I give.

The ones who have given themselves to any other god, any other way, have yielded to the destroyer. While what they have chosen may seem to be so great in the beginning, they will find that the same is overwhelming and oppressive as time passes by. Like all of the enticements of the wicked one, the end is bitter, and the darkness is all around, culminating in death and damnation of soul. Knowing the truth, these ones denied Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Choosing the devil as master, they have and do reap in hell.

I have never intended for men and women to choose such gross and overwhelming darkness, because the same takes them far from Me. I have intended for the ones who are Mine to reap in the joys of heaven. The ones who are true to Me can actually know that My kingdom will come, and My will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Truth and light will be given to them as they turn fully to receive Holy Spirit directives and counsel.

It is not intended for humanity to be in the condition of confusion and chaos that they are in. Such comes about simply because of the coverings that they choose. Those choosing the devil and his demons as their covering are choosing every evil thing. I do not find pleasure in such ones, for they are loving darkness rather than light.

However, if they repent and turn from their wickedness, I will have compassion upon them. They will find, as they turn to My Son Jesus, that they are given the eyes to see and the ears to hear. The ones who are repentant will know what it is to be rescued from the prison houses of sin that they have been locked in.

There are endless multitudes who are locked and chained in sin. Of these, some sincerely cry out to be set free of the chains that hold them in cruel captivity. Those who are set free are intended to follow Me, for I am the One who gives them mercy.

Many have been supernaturally rescued even from death, yet they are slothful over their eternal destinations. That is, they don’t walk in the fear of Me, and by such disrespect, they fail to honor Me as the One who has rescued them. These ones will inevitably return as the pigs to wallow in the mire and as the dogs who eat their own vomit.

Indeed, it is drunkenness that they are choosing, inasmuch as they are intoxicated on pride and self-love. These are the ones who cry out to Me when they are in deep troubles, then forget Me when they’ve been rescued and feel safe and secure. Such fools they are in their behaviors because they lack the fear of Me.

Be rejoicing this day for the repentance you have been able to keep towards Me. Know that the mercies that rest over your lives are such because you are uplifted, strengthened, and directed by My Spirit each and every day. You are not stumbling blindly along; you are being uplifted and guided, directed and instructed in the narrow way that I provide.

Therefore, don’t allow the demonic spirits to rob you of the joy that is intended for you to partake of. Keep on respecting, honoring, and obeying Me each day, for in the same is the abundance of My life. Those who are serving Me with gladness will be enabled to resist the sadness that so many are burdened by in these times. Multitudes who have made wrong choices are overwhelmed by sadness and cannot shake the same.

Therefore, let it be Me that you choose to serve, for I do supply you with goodness and mercy all the days of your lives. When you see the conditions of darkness, the uncertainty of the future, the extremely high costs of living, and the governments of men under My wrath, be glad that I rule over you. Simply be satisfied with what it is that I purpose for you and give Me thanks and praise each day.

The more that you are looking unto Me, the more that you are set free to abide in the kingdom glories even on earth. I do hear and answer the prayers of those who are walking in the respectful fear of Me. As such ones obey, I do not turn away from them. Rather, they will find that the more they bring themselves into obedience, the more they will be uplifted to know how much I care for them.

Recount the mercies that you have been given, and know that the same are so great that they could only come of Me. Likewise, don’t let your tongues take you into captivity once again. Be mindful of the warfare, and do not be yielding to the vicious demons that once held you as slaves. Give Me thanks.