As Pilgrims, Do Not Be Enticed to Stop and Stay

I speak to you this day and I exhort you to believe that it is Me the Living God who is ever present and well able. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you do not need to look to the world as your refuge. It is Me the Living God who is the refuge of all of those who are trusting in, looking to, and partaking of Me.

Far too often, even those who claim that I am important to them do not seek Me. They do not wholeheartedly seek Me because they are looking to the world as the power that is almighty. However, the wisdom of the world is foolishness before Me, and those who are looking to the world are trusting in lies and will be frustrated and disappointed. Those who are looking unto Me will be directed, instructed, and guided by My Holy Spirit.

As pilgrims in this world, realize that there are many you will meet along the way who will want you to stop and be with them. However, their way is not My way, for they are not being led by My Spirit. They have settled for less than what I had for them; therefore, they want you to keep them company. Because they have been enticed away from the truth by believing in lies, they have likewise become liars seeking to entice you.

Do not be easily deceived by them; rather realize that you are intended to keep moving onward and to partake daily of the mind of the Holy Spirit. Those who have been enticed away from the truth, because they listened to the rantings of their own carnal minds, have lost My way. Since the seduction process has grabbed them, they are no longer alive in My Spirit. As My Son Jesus has declared, those who have rejected the Truth are condemned by their choices.

Realize how important your daily choices really are. You can choose to lose by going in the way of fools, or you can choose to win by adhering unto the Holy Spirit mind and obeying what the Spirit speaks to you. This day, be thankful that you can indeed be purposed pilgrims. In these times, there are few who really stay true to Me. Multitudes have turned unto lies and are likewise destined to be destroyed and damned.

When you consider that I will always provide for you, know that you do not have to look to the arm of flesh. You can look to Me as the One who will always provide for My people exactly what they need. Believe Me when I say that I alone am high above all the gods of the heathen.

All of the gods of the heathen are deceptive forces that multitudes worship and bow unto. All of their oblations are for nothing but emptiness and futility. Be alerted to the fact that you are not intended to bow unto such dead and lifeless gods.

In these times of authoritarian rule, men and women will try to get you to bow to the power systems of the world. In such, they are seeking to get you sidetracked and deceived by their threats and intimidation tactics. I do not call you to be fearful of the power of the governments of this world. You are not citizens of the earthly carnal kingdoms. You are pilgrims who are only here on this earth for the duration of your pilgrimage. As the citizens of My Divine kingdom, recognize that it is Me you are meant to fear in the awesome respect of Me.

The powers of fear that have been unleashed upon the nations are because of the great turning away from Me. Peoples have become lovers of themselves and therefore believe that they are in the ultimate control. They are not in control in any way whatsoever. They are merely the subjects and the slaves of demonic powers that are driving them down the highway to hell. As they are possessed by pride, in their own imaginations they see themselves as invincible powers that remain forever.

Such deceptions as these cause them to go into a ditch and lead their followers to the same ditch of depressing death that they are in. When all that people have to look to is human rule, they will find that the same is very cruel. Men and women without Me can only offer a measure of false compassion and kindness. Let them be questioned and they turn to rage and oppression of those who are not fearing them.

So it is in these times that the authorities of men are supposing themselves to have complete control. When the ones who are mine quietly resist their control, they are targeted for harassment. The demonically inspired rulers will seek to break My people down and make them bow to their false authority. The ones who continue to seek Me will see that I am the God who remains with them no matter what they go through. This is because I am ever present and I do not leave nor forsake My own.

Thank Me that it is Me who bears rule over you and that you do not need to live in the fears that are tormenting most in these times. In fact, you can be glad that I will give you the continuing mercies of My presence no matter what your physical circumstances may be.

Far too many choose to let their circumstances be what governs them. Do not be so deceived and taken down by circumstance or situation. Get beyond what surrounds you, and allow yourselves to be uplifted in the triumphant mercies of who I am.

Do not allow your confidence in Me to be shaken by the edicts of men. Rather keep looking unto Me, for I will uplift you. As you obey the Holy Spirit mind, you can ascend above the circumstances and situations all around. Thank Me and praise Me.