Be Strong and Encouraged in God

This day, be aware that it is Me the Living God who is ALL POWERFUL, and I will keep the righteous who remain trusting in Me. In these times of gross darkness, be aware that you are needy of Me as your Maker, your Keeper.

The wicked are waxing bolder each day as they pursue the righteous and seek to have them brought to ruination and devastation. However, you are not meant to be destroyed. You are meant to be uplifted above the tactics of the wicked, vile, reprobate men and women who desire you dead.

Each day presents itself as a new battle wherein My people are meant to live the same in victory. The victories that I have prepared for My own are the ones wherein My people walk uprightly as I give them the necks of their enemies. As you are facing the beginning of any and every day, do not dread the day. Rather rejoice that you can be victorious through Me.

As I encouraged My servant Joshua to be strong and of a good courage, so do I encourage those who are truly standing for Me. Since My Holy Spirit is ever present with you, make it your practice to listen carefully to the Spirit instructions. It is easy to get detoured off of the way of life and go in the way of death, because there are enemies ever lurking to lure the unobservant away from the pathway of life.

When My people are attentive and active for Me, they are as soldiers under command who wait for their orders, then obey the same. Of course, this does not mean that all are eagerly awaiting their next command, but they have been trained to hear and obey.

So it is with My true ones. Although their carnal minds may rage against My purposes, they are going to obey. This is because they know the importance of waiting for the mind of the Spirit, then choosing the same above their carnal minds.

Remember if you can, the very fact that you were once ruled by darkness and the iniquities of the same. With this recollection, you can easily see your need of Spirit guidance each day. Know that you cannot rest on “spiritual ancestry” to get you by. Some make false assumptions about the securities they have because they were baptized in religion as infants. Others believe that their salvation is automatic because of their parents’ and/or grandparents’ commitment unto Me.

Know, however, that I do not have marked for eternal life those who are living in the false securities of heritage. Each person must commit to Me and stay true to their commitments. This is because they have been born again of incorruptible seed by believing upon and repenting unto My Son, Jesus. Be quick to recognize that those who are converted are the ones who are welcomed by Me, for they are desirous of the new way.

There are multitudes who are in the prodigal category and have wasted the godly provision that was given unto them through consecrated Christians. They got eyes filled with adultery, then went in the way that I did not ordain and lost their vision. As the prodigal son, they have spent all that they had on riotous, foolish living, only to find themselves homeless and destitute in the end of their folly.

I have never called My people to such a pig pen of their own making, yet many are there. It is Me the Living God who sends forth My Spirit to convict them of their pride and unworthiness. This is so they would repent and return to Me as their Heavenly Father and find My forgiveness. I greatly desire for those who have departed from Me in deception to see the error of their choices and repent. It is not pleasing to Me when My people are estranged from Me and living in spiritual poverty.

Inasmuch as I am the God of abundance, I am abundant in mercies as well as natural and spiritual provisions that I desire for My people to partake of. The same are given to them as they abide in Me. However, as it was with Adam and Eve, when they sinned against Me, they lost what had been meant to be for them. So it is in these times. There are multitudes who have lost what had been set aside for them through their foolish choices.

You are not called to foolery; you are called to walk soberly. The cauldrons of hell are full of the souls of those who thought they could hide their sins and still go to heaven in the end. However, as they are constantly found in the agonies and torments of the damned, it is obvious their assumptions were false.

Do not give way to the enticements of the world and imagine that the same are agreeable with Me. They are not. I do not find pleasure when My people choose to go out into the world and partake of the death of the same.

I will forgive the ones who cry out in remorse for their sinful living and deeply repent. These will know the joy of being fully forgiven and taken back into My House. They will be gladly received, for I am their Heavenly Father, ever able to welcome the repentant prodigals who return.

When you see such ones, do not curse them in your hearts. Realize that if they did not repent, they would be in hell forever. Be glad even today that I give you the opportunity to live in My house every day and to know My presence in your lives.

It is a great privilege to be redeemed from the penalty of sin. Thank Me that you are no longer shackled and chained in the slavery of sin. With the attitude of gratitude, you will find that I am the merciful Father who tenderly loves My children.