Be Mature, Loving, and Caring for One Another

I speak unto you this day and I say: Let brotherly love continue. I do not call you to be petty, accusatory, or hateful towards one another. Rather, I call you to be caring, compassionate, and loving one another as I have loved you. Even from the beginning, it has been My desire that My people would live in divine unity. When My people will live the way that I ordain, I will cover them in My joy.

There are multitudes who claim they love Me, yet they hate one another and have contempt for their very brothers and sisters in Me. The truth is that I want My people to grow up and realize that they need others as well as Me in order to be complete in Me.

Because of contentions, backbiting, gossiping, and undermining, My people fail to advance in My way. Staying as children, they do not accept responsibility as they should. Then, because of their own immaturity, they do not accomplish the great commission given by My Son Jesus. I desire for My family to be at peace one with another and to respect other parts of My international family.

You are living in times when the hatred against those who are true believers is increasing worldwide. The enemy knows the power of those who will forsake all to follow My Son. Demonic forces are waging war and causing great disturbance, attempting to terrorize My people to get them to turn aside from Me. When such measures fail, then physical violence, slander, false accusation, and even bloodshed are familiar tactics of assault.

Know that the devil has been a murderer from the beginning, and he has not changed his agenda. Over and over, My people will find themselves under horrid pressures, persecutions, prosecutions, and imprisonments.

I do not want My people divided against each other. I want My people to realize how imperative it is that they keep the unity of the faith and love one another. When you consider how important the message of repentance is to the perishing in these times, you will see that it is absolutely necessary to learn to work together to effectuate My purpose.

I find no pleasure in those who want to go in the corruption of the world and side with worldliness rather than godliness. Consider carefully what My purpose and plan are for you, then walk in the same. Do not abandon My standards of behavior and take up the standards of the world.

The world is always disputing, fighting, and warring for no valid reasons whatsoever. They are the ones who will destroy one another for nothing at all. Pride and hatred go hand in hand to promote the devil’s agenda of destruction, death, and damnation.

As My true people, do not fall under the spells of the worldly mediums who are daily promoting unrest, turmoil, fear, and violence. Realize of a surety that you are enabled to walk uprightly, so do not succumb to their ways. Of course, you are given strength through Me as your source. When you walk in obedience to Holy Spirit commands, then you are led in My way and are enabled to be well pleasing unto Me.

Far too many in these times who claim to love Me do not practice loving My people. If you claim to love Me, then you are commanded to love My people. Those who say they love Me, yet are hating their brothers and sisters in Me, are deceiving themselves. If you are shown areas in your lives where you are undermining, cease from the same, then humble yourselves, repent, and hold your tongue from backbiting.

With what is within you, stay alive, alert, and active for what I intend for you to do. I do not call you to be giving yourselves to trivial and foolish ways that are so predominant in these times. When you see how much My people have allowed themselves to be governed by technology rather than Me, it is sad. However, the world can attract and seduce people away from Me.

Be aware that the devil is behind the tactics of the same. Over and over men, women, and children are taken away from Me and into the downward plunge that will end them in sin and darkness. Let Me open your eyes to the vicious and cruel tactics of the enemy forces, and you will see that they are bent on destroying lives and seeing souls damned forever.

Thank Me for the wondrous miracles that I do for you each day when you keep clear in your focus and walk in the truth and light that I give so freely to you. When it is Me that you are serving in gratitude, then you will not begrudge nor resent My corrections and instructions to you. Rather, you will know and understand that I send My Spirit to guide you forth by a plain path, whereby you are forewarned of the pitfalls along the way.

Unfortunately, too many grow proud and defiant and do not have any intention of listening to godly instructions. They would rather continue in their own understanding and lose out with Me. Such blindness is the result of feeding off of the unclean food of the world. Do not yield to the temptations to abandon My standard and assume that you are fine. Instead, keep the standard that is godly by allowing the maturing process in your lives.

Unfortunately, the “church baby” syndrome has crippled and incapacitated multitudes of believers. Likewise, the temptations of the broad way are ever beckoning to the naive to get them enticed into the way that is destruction. Realize that the war for souls is ever present, and you are not called to be a casualty in this battle.