Refuse the Pressure of Demonic Forces

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me who shows repeatedly that I AM. This means in essence that I am able to do for My people what no other can do. When My people are in obedience unto Me, there is no good thing that I withhold from them. I give unto them such as they need, again and again. I have given them My Holy Spirit, who is ever present to guide them forth as they follow in the steps of My Son, Jesus.

Be thankful unto Me that you are privileged to be in the company of the redeemed and are no longer among the damned. In the life of this earthly pilgrimage, you will find that many times you are taken through the ugliness of situations that are vile. That does not mean that you are to become vile likewise. Inasmuch as you are My people, remain true to Me as the One you are meant to serve.

It is not My purpose for My people to succumb to the corruption of these times and to be devoured in the darkness that is all around. Keep your vision single, and you will see how much I will bless you and prosper you in the treasures of My kingdom.

In these times of darkness and despair, far too many give way to the pressure of demonic forces and likewise do the deeds of darkness. Be fully aware that the warfare has not ended, since the devil and his demons are always looking to undermine the truth and take souls into captivity and bondage to sin.

There is no answer to be found in sin; there is only more and more corruption and confusion. Those who turn aside unto sin are fools, for in the folly they choose to abandon themselves unto, they are choosing death. It is the time when the enemy forces are attempting to destroy the truth out of the earth. This is so that all will fall down and worship them in their lies and double-tongued fabrications and crafty inventions.

You are not meant to fall down to the image of the beast and worship the same. As My true people, you are meant to fall down and worship Me, for I alone am your Master and your Lord. Be thankful that you can do as I desire and be kept by Me.

Do not fear the plots of evildoers, for they cannot destroy your souls when you remain true to Me. Those who fear for their lives are loving themselves more than Me. Be fully aware that when you are totally committed unto Me, I am the One who keeps you.

Do not dread to face your days because you are fearful. Rather rejoice that it is Me who gives to you each day such as you need and the joy of knowing that I am with you. Truly, you are not alone. This is because My Spirit is ever present with you and knows your plight in this fight. It is good to remind yourselves that it has been promised that you will be accompanied by My Spirit and My angels in this earthly pilgrimage that you are in.

When you draw of the strength that I offer, you will find that the circumstances at hand will not devour nor destroy you. Over and over, you will see that you are kept in ways you could not possibly keep yourselves. It is a great privilege to be moving onward with Me.

Do not get stuck in a rut as so many have done and still do, thinking that I cannot move in many different ways. Such ones as are stuck are there because they have attempted to put Me in a box. By the same, they are the ones who are bound in the confines and limitations they have established.

I do not intend for you to be kept in such confines; I intend for you to be ever free in Me. I have purposed you to live in the joy of My presence and know the glorious freedom of the same. With this knowledge in your hearts and minds, follow My Spirit. It is the Spirit that leads you forth on the freedom road.

The freedom road means that you are no longer in bondage nor slavery to the sinful activities that once ruled your lives. You are now made free to walk in the freedom road. As you follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit, you are led forth by a plain path and enabled to see that it is the truth that sets you free.

The more you are partaking of the truth, the more you are freed from the lies that had formerly kept you locked in. Do not believe that you must be governed by lies. At this point, continue to follow onward on the freedom road.

When your eyes are opened to see the shifty behaviors of those who are ruled by the liar and his lying demonic forces, thank Me that you are no longer subject to such stupidity. I do not call you to dullness and dumbness of mind. I intend you to be alert, alive, and active in Me as the Master who bears rule over you.

When you pay heed to the Spirit, you will be kept from the foolery of lies and liars. Then you are given the discernment of the spirits of iniquity and darkness that are ever present to deceive. My people are meant to stay in the mind of My Spirit and refuse the darkness and deception of the lying spirits that are in abundance.

Many there are who start out with Me full of enthusiastic desire for Me. When the pressure of pilgrimage comes hard upon them, they turn back unto lies and take up refuge in the same. Such ones as these are foolish children, for they are forsaking the waters of life to drink the filthy waters of lies.

I do not want you in such a way, for the same is death and damnation. I want you to follow onward, knowing you are not alone. Thank Me that I have prepared for you the table in the midst of the enemies. Get to that table!